July 7th, 2008
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the sound of typewriters

how lucky am i to have met some of my favourite illustrators in the world this past weekend? from a lifetime of being obsessed with illustration, i am plummeted into the heart of it for three days, the city that it blossomed out of. and the one that it still feels most connected to. I am a romantic at heart as you know, one who would love to travel back in time for a few hours.
-stumbling onto, completely by accident, the original offices of the New Yorker magazine, whose halls were filled by some of the great writers and cartoonists o of our time, among them william steig, charles addams, peter arno and many more. dark hallways with vaulted ceilings lit by round art deco globe lamps. I was immediately transported to 1920′s new york. the ghostly sound of typewriters clacking hung in the air. there was a sign beside the front door that explained that during that time the new yorker was suspicious of new technologies. how wonderful.
-meeting Beth Adams, Jeffrey Decoster, Martha Rich. Sean Qualls, Otto Steininger
-seeing my teacher and mentor from OCAD Linda Montgomery
-my talk went well, though I was a bit distracted watching my baby in the back row, he was making his peruvian bat noises and had to be escorted out at some point. Tilden was not a big fan of the big apple. too tall and noisy.

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