April 14th, 2014
Own Your Power -P.E.A.K.

I am VERY proud and honored to share with you a project I have been working on with the Post Carbon Institute. Myself and 11 other artists were asked to create posters for the Public Energy Art Kit. I also did a short video about the creation of the piece. (and I got to draw my bike). Yay!

Apr 30 2014
4:50 pm
Kim writes:

I effing LOVE this and love the fact that you worked with the Post Carbon Institute! I adore your poster :)

Nov 3 2014
5:21 am
gina writes:

you just rock! i have been following slash been-being inspired by you since before i was born…and well it will continue well after i die too. thanks for doing what you do, and doing it so freaking well. wishing you all things amazing today tomorrow and always

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