June 17th, 2008
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oh foo!

I was totally flattered and excited to be invited to speak at this years Foo Camp, but I can’t go for a couple of reasons. 1. because it is too close to another speaking engagement. and 2. I have a nursing infant in tow and they don’t allow families (it’s a camping situation). I send out a friendly yet hearty plea to Tim O’Reilly to make exceptions for nursing moms in the future!
it’s too bad because I have a lot to talk about lately and I think I figured out how to fix all of the problems of the universe. i guess you’ll have to wait until next year.
(you think i’m joking but really i’m not.)
p.s. Tim, i really like what you are doing and particularly loved your speech, “Why I Love Hackers”. keep up the good work!
update: I received an email from Sara at Foo, who wanted to let me know that they do accommodate nursing moms at foo and have had a few in the past. This was not mentioned on their site so I jumped to conclusions. My mistake. Thank you Sara for clearing that up! I meant no harm in my post about it.

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