March 17th, 2005

i’m very excited about this.
and this.

April 28th, 2004
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some things I have been perusing lately…
the great sitting -Two artists riding their bikes accross the United States in an attempt to not let dreams pass by unlived. Turning your life into a work of art is hard work. Help the universe by giving these two a few bucks, they are happy but hungry.
the mysterious world of Jandek -I love a good recluse story, yes i do. Jandek’s site.
handrawn maps -these are beautiful.
stoned hippies dancing -just what it says.
Kevin Sclazo
vending machines of japan -we north americans have yet to really delve into this fascinating world. yes to the toys and flowers, pass on the water salad , fried foods, and the ‘p’ word (which I will refrain from writing here to avoid being bombarded with comment spam.) I remember being intrigued with the Febo in Holland (catchy little tune they play). There is also the wonderful Artomat

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