July 2nd, 2008
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(an idea for a tshirt design. believe it or not, this is needed in north america.)
i am off to icon in New York City…if you are going to be attending, my talk is at 3:30 on friday. come and say hi! here is the info:
Come Together
Networking Pioneers
Friday, July 4, 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Julia Breckenreid with
Robert Zimmerman and Keri Smith
Making connections can remove personal and artistic fears, creating positive change. Illustrator Julia Breckenreid will present two interviews with Robert Zimmerman and Keri Smith to reveal how selfless acts and collaboration bring unexpected rewards. Once a prolific illustrator, now an advocate, Zimmerman created drawger.com, a curated online community where illustrators collaborate and inspire each other daily. Illustrator and author Smith has innumerable fans who follow her blog the Wish Jar. Her books and talks have inspired many to trust their visions, defy convention and follow their dreams. Hear these pioneering creatives map their individual roads to illustration civilization.

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