April 16th, 2014
I will probably be quoting this book for the rest of my life

Apr 21 2014
6:28 am
sally writes:

Yep, this book is amazing. I came across it while working for my MA and it became the central text for my work. I still read it for pleasure 11 years later. So much to sense in his words.

May 1 2014
1:56 pm
Ellie writes:

I am just writing to say that you are one of my absolute idols, and I love how you are so creative and awesome. I have This is Not a Book, How to Be an Explorer of the World, and Wreck This is Not a Book. You rock!

May 16 2014
7:23 pm
paula writes:

Hi Keri,

Thanks for the recommendation. I just checked it out and I sense that it will complement “A Pattern Language” by Christopher Alexander, which is also about human relationships to spaces we inhabit.


Jun 2 2014
2:21 pm
Grace writes:

Hi, Keri,
I’m from Brazil and just bought a copy of our book “Wreck this journal” and, I would never think doing some stuff you put there but I think that’s was a awesome idea.
Next month, I’m moving out to Australia and I’m bringing it with me. New country, new culture, no family. This book will be my survival kit. It’ll be bought of us, living the best days of our lives ;p
I’ll have some difficulty in doing some of the request (i’m kinda ocd), but I guess this will be my chance to let this ocd thing behind me. Thanks so much for sharing so great ideas!
It’s just amazing!

Jun 19 2014
9:32 am
Tania Lyons writes:

I had experience utilizing Keri’s books with adolescents with mental illness at my last job as a program coordinator at a therapeutic activities program. All of my clients loved the book and it was a GREAT way to really get them to work through a lot of their issues, thoughts, emotions, etc.

I recently switched career paths slightly. I am still a social worker, but I now work at a hospital with the transplant center. We’ve been transplanting a good deal of adolescent patients lately, who find themselves bored in the hospital and dealing with being a transplant patient at such a young age (they will be on medications for the rest of their lives). It dawned on me one day that Keri’s books would be an awesome tool for them to keep themselves busy AND work through some of their own “stuff”!

Keri, you are an amazing individual and I can’t thank you enough both for creating these books and for your generosity!!!

Thank you again,

Jul 5 2014
3:33 am
maree writes:

How to Be an Explorer of the World……. absolute perfection! thankyou

Apr 15 2019
9:19 pm
Cinthia writes:

Hola Kery!

Saludos desde México!
Sabes, hoy he conocido tu libro “Destruye este diario” siendo sincera no es un nombre común para un libro, motivo por el cual quede interesada en él desde ese momento así que lo compré. Es justo lo que necesitaba y sabes algo me ENCANTA, siento excelentes sensaciones al hacer lo q ir ahí dice, algo me dice que debí haberlo conocido desde hace años peor hoy agradezco al universo por habernos encontrado. Deseo que siga ese éxito y te agradezco por dejarnos conocer las genialidades de tu creatividad. Es un placer.


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