November 18th, 2014
I am in Time Magazine

Meet The Woman Trying to Save Your Kids from Their Screens

Pretty amazing!

Nov 19 2014
11:12 am
Summer Pierre writes:

YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!! SO proud and happy and high living you!

Nov 21 2014
4:22 pm
Camilla writes:

Lovely! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your new book.

Nov 22 2014
6:03 am
masaru writes:


Nov 26 2014
12:57 am
Mridula writes:

So cool! I love your work.

Nov 26 2014
12:11 pm
Stanley John writes:

HOORAY! Well deserved! We keep a Keri Smith Shrine at Market Block Books! We adore your work!

Dec 2 2014
10:14 pm
Karri writes:

Hi Keri, So happy for you! Way to go! I’ve bought your books as gifts for my nieces in the past an will be buying the newest one for them this year!

Dec 15 2014
3:17 pm
Claire Potter writes:

Congratulations!!! I am so with you… I constantly seek out activities to do with my children that are full of whimsy, playfulness, outside the comfort zone… Try this one for starters!

Dec 16 2014
8:31 pm
Rav writes:

Your such a cool author Keri! Your awesome!

Dec 16 2014
8:36 pm
Raveen writes:

My fav book of yours is ”wreak this journal”! I got it for a birthday for my cousin! I also love” How to be an explorer of the world” !

Dec 16 2014
8:36 pm
Sky writes:

Love your books !

Dec 29 2014
7:20 am
Heisenberg writes:

You’re great , save us from hell ;) !

Feb 11 2015
10:19 am
Ron writes:

Hi Keri, Just checking in after a long absence. Wow, there you are! I don’t think I’ve ever knew what you looked like. So cool to put a face with all the amazing work. Loved the Bricolage video. Keep up the great work!! Cheers.

Aug 13 2015
10:45 am
Sarah writes:

Loved reading this!! I’m a longtime fan of your work, Keri – found your blog many a moon ago through Another Girl at Play, and it helped pull me out of some dark places, even before that first book of yours was published. I’m always so excited whenever I see that you have a new book coming out – good things happening to good people, I think! I’ve gifted many of them to my nieces, and am looking forward to using them with my little guy, as well. Thanks for all the great work that you do! :)

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