February 26th, 2007
day 26-important list

Feb 26 2007
7:04 pm
melissa writes:

is this the carrot soap you tried:http://www.amazon.com/Roger-Gallet-Gentle-Nature-Gardeners/dp/B0006HRP6Y ? i’ve used this one before and it smells lovely. :)

Feb 26 2007
7:06 pm
laura writes:

At first thought it is a wonder that so many of my memories like this are rooted in my Grandmothers personal touches. Upon second glance just thankful that I am lucky enough to have experienced two Grandmother’s as wonderful as I had.Lastly, thank the goddess’ for photographs and letters.Think I’ll go remember now……

Feb 26 2007
7:13 pm
hannah writes:

burts bees makes a delicious carrot soap…
at first i read it as carrot soup – and i thought – what a strange gift! but yes… try burts soap :D

Feb 26 2007
7:48 pm
soren writes:

your activity book wasn’t “Amazing Days”, was it? no reason it should be, but that was one that I had that I loved.

Feb 26 2007
8:20 pm
Melissa writes:

I love your “things a day” lists. Are you making up the catagories as you go along?

Feb 26 2007
8:42 pm
rama writes:

i love your tree drawing.

Feb 26 2007
8:54 pm
keri smith writes:

thanks for trying debbie. the book i’m looking for is actually from the 70′s and hand drawn.
the search continues.

Feb 27 2007
1:48 am
Mardougrrl writes:

I remember that Good Times book too! They had a whole section about Halloween, and that’s when I learned about the legends behind the vampire myths.
I loved that book too!

Feb 27 2007
5:11 am
Joanna writes:

Hi Keri, I love your blog and bought ‘Living out Loud’. What a great list – have now been inspired to go away and write my own

Feb 27 2007
7:09 am
maureen writes:

this is great. i hope you find the book. :)
i’m longing for a spirograph, one of my favorite toys ever. i look in every thrift shop but…nothing.

Feb 27 2007
9:34 am
keri smith writes:

i think that’s the one. thank you for finding it. i can’t believe it’s so expensive (125.00!), but it says that it is scarce. the amazon comments indicate that many people are looking for it.
i attribute my love and need to create activity books as an author to this book! i have never forgotten it.
maybe i should contact bantam and let them know there is a demand for a re-release.

Feb 27 2007
10:47 am
Poppy writes:

I love this list. I take loss very personally and just by writng down (and sketching) a list like this brings it back to our hearts. Thank you!

Feb 27 2007
10:55 am
keri smith writes:

i totally agree poppy! thank you for your comment.
i actually considered making these things into a mobile as a commemoration. not to brood on the loss but to embrace it a little more.

Feb 27 2007
1:54 pm
Amber writes:

I’ve been away for a bit, and am just catching up. Just tried to post this with your soap post, but comments were closed. (?)
Are you familiar with Dr. Bronner’s soap? If the answer is no, STOP! Do not look it up! Send me an email with your snail mail address and I will make a present to you. (amber AT teamw.info) They are insanely sustainable and organice and etc.
I don’t always keep up with your blog, but I always drop by to catch up with your blog, and I would like to return the favor.

Mar 2 2007
2:29 pm
Dan writes:

Edwards bookstore still exits on Yonge St.

Mar 2 2007
10:51 pm
sugene writes:

I loved that book Good Times too! You can get it through Interlibrary Loan. There are still libraries that own it!

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