February 22nd, 2007
day 22-freckle drawings

i’m not often bored.
but you knew that already.

Feb 22 2007
6:27 pm
Elizabeth writes:

Those are adorable. I really like the French man. Now I am kind of dissapointed that I do not have freckles.

Feb 22 2007
7:55 pm
jerusha writes:

love love

Feb 23 2007
1:33 am
Jessica Poundstone writes:

My dad banned the word “bored” in our house. Not terribly politically correct, but he used to say: “Only people who are too stupid to come up with something interesting to do are bored. You’re not stupid.” Or something to that effect : )

Feb 23 2007
2:50 am
sarah writes:

this must be my favourite post ever on any blog, fabulously funny!

Feb 23 2007
3:15 am
Jesse writes:

Those made me smile!

Feb 23 2007
5:34 am
switchsky writes:

Oh my god,its the start of “freckle friday!” I new it had to start sooner or later…ha!

Feb 23 2007
9:12 am
Laura/PinkFontGirl writes:

erm, you have a french man that lives on your leg. you might want to get that looked into.
those are AWESOME.

Feb 23 2007
11:27 am
Alex writes:

But… I just have freckles on my nose?

Feb 23 2007
12:19 pm
Nina writes:

Very nice!
I once drew dotted lines to divide my boyfriend’s entire back into different meat areas complete with names (like butchers do). A couple of hours later he had forgotten all about them and went to play squash with a friend who almost laughed himself to death when they hit the shower afterwards.

Feb 23 2007
2:38 pm
Morgen writes:

That is fabulous! I have always wanted freckles, but even more now!!

Feb 23 2007
3:28 pm
Sabine writes:

Last year I connected every freckle on my body so that I was one huge constellation. But now I definitely need to try drawing pictures of things!

Feb 23 2007
3:37 pm
Laura/PinkFontGirl writes:

Nina, your boyfriend must be quite the good sport! mine would never let me do that to him!

Feb 23 2007
8:59 pm
patricia writes:

Boy does that bring back memories. My sister and I used to draw cartoons on our bodies with pens and marker when we were kids. Funny, I haven’t considered doing that as an adult. Those drawings are adorable.
Maybe I should draw something funny on my husband’s belly while he’s sleeping…heh heh…

Feb 24 2007
1:28 am
linda writes:

too wonderful for words.

Feb 24 2007
2:47 am
gracia writes:

Ahh! If only I could bottle up all of these brilliant and sometimes beautiful simple gems… wonderful!
see you, grache

Feb 24 2007
11:03 am
Nicole writes:

AWESOME!!! Hahaha :) We used to play ‘connect the dots’ and then call them constellations and make up our own names for them. Who hasn’t heard of the Zorbina Constellation??? :)

Feb 25 2007
1:44 pm
Lisa writes:

Maybe I’ll try this on my husband when he’s sleeping … hee hee! ;)

Feb 25 2007
3:09 pm
Tautchia writes:

tee hee!!! These made me giggle out loud!!!
You crack me up, girlie! Love it!

Feb 26 2007
8:55 am
Nina writes:

Haha I also do that when I’m bored. Sometimes my knee is a whole art piece.
Your work really inspires me, thank you :)

Mar 3 2007
12:00 am
margi writes:

Am I the oldest person here who remembers Rob Petry’s son, on the Dick van Dyck show connecting the freckles on Rob’s back to make the liberty bell????? that was waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day

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