February 21st, 2007
day 21-things found in my house

onto a new theme tomorrow!

Feb 21 2007
8:39 pm
kirsten writes:

again, great composition.

Feb 21 2007
9:43 pm
joy madison writes:

I love the color transition!!! Super nice!

Feb 22 2007
1:48 am
Menachem writes:

Impermanence hmmm…..
Have you been to the Institute of Failure?
shalom v’ahava,
thanks for your site.

Feb 22 2007
6:46 am
coloribus writes:

I love the palettes created with true objects, this one is very beautiful

Feb 22 2007
3:04 pm
shelley Noble writes:

This is truly beautiful, Keri! I love the entire series of sperimintz! Brava!

Feb 22 2007
3:57 pm
switchsky writes:

this is making me smile like a maniac…some latent-listing disorder…

Feb 22 2007
4:52 pm
Sabine writes:

The color coordination is perfect! The green is my favorite.

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