February 19th, 2007
day 19-connecting two incongruent things

today i had a creative block, you have to figure going for 28 days straight it’s bound to happen. so i just wanted to get this one out, and get a fresh start tomorrow. the exercise is as follows (click image for full results):
1. Choose an experience from your day (this is subject #1). today i was speaking to a friend about intuition.
2. Ask a friend for a subject. (subject #2) My husband told me to research the sound artist Toshiya Tsunoda.
3. Conduct research on both subjects, and make connections between them.
note: the point at which you start to believe that they have nothing in common, is where it usually starts to get interesting. at some point in my research i found a common denominator which was fascinating to me; both subjects are based on the reading of electromagnetic fields! upon figuring this out I triumphed and felt like my work was done here.
off to read in bed. looking forward to tomorrow.

Feb 20 2007
9:23 am
homa writes:

I love living intuitively.
I sometimes know when my favourite weblog is updated , just intuitively!

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