November 14th, 2014

Bricolage – Keri Smith from Lucky Treehouse on Vimeo.

I am finally able to share this with you! After doing the festival circuits a little film I made with my friend Mike Schwartz is having an online release. Enjoy. (Italian version coming soon).

Nov 15 2014
6:49 am
Camilla writes:

I loved it. It’s like trailer for all your work and sorts of in-the-middle-of-things-as-they-happen and incomplete (in the best sense). It creates curiosity and the wanting to find out more. I’m inspired to just make, create, start – which has been my response to your work ever since I started reading your blog in 2005.

Nov 16 2014
1:31 pm
wendy writes:

everything about this video is delightfully magical…the music, the editing…the narrative…everything. i just love it so.

Nov 17 2014
1:07 pm
Laura writes:

what a lovely video, i really did love it! x

Nov 21 2014
1:24 am
Anjani writes:

Thank you, Keri. I’m a photographer and writer and now I’m making books too, and I didn’t realize until almost 2/3 of the way through your movie that I had this giant grin on my face and my cheeks were starting to hurt. Thank you so much, that was so delightful and fun and inspiring.

Nov 24 2014
10:07 am
Mridula writes:

I was inspired to collage and collect and wander. Beautiful!

Nov 24 2014
6:09 pm
amy caRoline writes:

this made me smile! and feel hopeful! and want to get out from behind this darn keyboard.
thank you – it’s wonderful.

i’m on board for the movement – would you mind if i placed some ‘touch this’, ‘pick me up’ and ‘look up’ signs while i’m out exploring?

Dec 20 2014
10:14 pm
Maria Phillips writes:

Keri, what a beautiful video! You have been inspiring to me for a long time as an artist and a thinker. I now have a three year old and want to try to keep our use of tv and computers to a minimum. Do you have any tips for applying your main ideas/philosophy in parenting?

Jan 4 2015
6:37 pm
sam jacque writes:

Love it!!! Love you’re books too!!!

Jan 7 2015
3:58 am
Lulu in the Woods writes:

Hi Keri, thank you for this film, it expresses the one thing I try to articulate daily to myself – that of exploration, reverence in small things, creativity and thankfulness that all this stuff around us just gets on and does what it has to do each day without much help from us. I think that to be aware of these things can go someway to putting one’s life back into perspective. Many, many people need to get back to this kind of bug’s eye perspective of the world, in order for them/it to heal.
Well, my craft practice today will be just that little bit richer for seeing you, thanks again,
thank you x

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