January 30th, 2012
all of the worlds

I have so much going on.

It is all so wonderful that I have to force myself to sit back and let it all sink in. I have some exciting things for you too dear reader, but as usual I cannot talk about them even though I am bursting at the seams. It’s hard when publishing is such a long process, at least a year in advance.

But I am digressing here. What I wanted to talk about is how having two small children has turned my life into a whirlwind of chaos. Of the best and most challenging kind. It is often so very challenging. But as I wrote to my editor last night, it is making me into a better person and artist. My life shrinks and expands to the degree to which I throw myself into the chaos.

Two days ago my living room was turned into a “house”, the floor full of mattresses and pillows (walls), the couches offered different levels (attic and basement). There were two secret portals that gave you access to underground tunnels leading to the house, but “you need a flashlight to see because it is so dark”. One of the tunnels leads to a different “room” each time you enter it.

Today my living room is a hospital full of sick patients which all require constant care. There is a pink cat, a sasquatch, a zebra, and an elephant.

It is fantastic. *If* you let yourself forget about the need to have your house “in order”. What is order anyway? A temporary feeling that all is in control. Fleeting. Really everything is in a state of constant flux. Except we don’t really contemplate that too much because it forces us to acknowledge that we too are always changing and on that road to “the end”. That place that we don’t really know much about and don’t want to contemplate.

Tangent #2 (or is this #3?)
I watched the film “Microcosmos” with my son yesterday and it made me think about all of the worlds, microscopic, underground, in space, down the street, in every house, underfoot, in the corner of my room, in my body, under the sea, in Manhattan, that are all occurring all the time without my being aware of it. This is really a big thought to take in. Perhaps too big for a sleepy monday morning. But anyway, I got very excited about that (I can get very excited about a lot of things, have you noticed that?)

The world is an exciting place. There is always something going on that you want to be looking at and thinking about.

in other news, my Resident Thinker posting for Nowhere Island will be live the week of February 5th. I think it’s worth a visit. I had a lot of fun creating it!

Jan 31 2012
3:43 pm
Claire writes:

oh, i so miss those exciting creating-worlds days…
treasure them! they are soooo precious – and so fleeting….

Feb 1 2012
1:18 am
Jason G. writes:

Keri you inspire me :)

Feb 1 2012
8:35 am
claudia writes:

thank you, I needed this.

Feb 1 2012
12:59 pm
Jenny Smith writes:

All the best love and healing thoughts to Pinky, Quatchi, Zeebee and Eli! I hope they have a good doctor!

Feb 2 2012
6:38 am
folkscallmejonny writes:

push the sofas together … make a ship …. make an island

Feb 10 2012
6:21 pm
Regina Burbach writes:

… “a temporary feeling that all is in control”, yes that’s what order is. And on the other hand it does feel so good to ‘loose control’. Even if that only means to look at my own room from an usual perspective. Reading your post made my day!

Feb 18 2012
6:53 am
rexie writes:

it’s really true
and there’s no thing funnier than your mind :)

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