July 30th, 2009
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“There is a new worldwide movement developing, made up of people with a
different vision for their local communities.  They know that movements are
not organizations, institutions or systems. Movements have no CEO, central
office, or plan.  Instead, they happen when thousands and thousands of
people discover together new possibilities for their lives.  They have a
calling.  They are called.  And together they call upon themselves.
In many nations local people have been called to come together to pursue a
common calling.  It would be a mistake to label that calling ABCD, or
Community Building.  Those are just names.  They are inadequate words for
groups of local people who have the courage to discover their own way — to
create a culture made by their own vision.  It is a handmade, homemade

-John McNight from the lecture Community Capacities and Community Necessities
I received a copy of this lecture as a member of the E.F. Schumacher Society. It is a must read.

July 27th, 2009
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reader Justin Lee found the Chinese version of ‘how to be an explorer of the world’ in Hong Kong! very cool. (Now if only I was able to travel there too.)

July 22nd, 2009
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underlined quote from Hegel found in Bas Jan Ader’s belongings after his disappearance.
second quote found in a book about John Cage (the title escapes me) while doing research on a new book. (me, not john cage).

July 21st, 2009
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July 12th, 2009
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my newest book is coming out….in a few short weeks.
man, it’s been hard not to say anything about it.
i hope you like this one.
i’ll be writing a bit about it over the next few weeks.
a bit of a teaser here.
no, I haven’t seen a copy yet.
it’s always a great feeling to see the final piece after all the work that goes into it.
I’m excited about that. let me know if you see it before me, sometimes they leak out into stores.
p.s. I’m really happy about this bright red cover. my editor has a collection of “books with red covers” and she’s really happy about it too.
p.p.s. I have absolutely no idea how the world will receive this one and that in itself is exciting.
p.p.p.s. I can tell you that I feel like I have more to say with my books now. things that may not be obvious to the casual observer. there is definitely a greater underlying plan at work. (insert devious laugh).

July 10th, 2009
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Dear Shridhar,
I received your package last week in the mail. I should tell you that it is quite fun to receive packages here in the countryside of canada because you must go down to the post office and then walk home with treasures in hand, wondering the whole time what they are and who sent them. It is quite exciting to receive something from Bombay and I thought quite a bit what a contrast it must be for the package. What has the package seen and heard on it’s travels?
I imagine the streets of Bombay crowded, hot and full of color and life, (maybe a few animals). The sounds must be overwhelming at times, car horns, people yelling. Are there plenty of street vendors, what kind of food are they selling? Richly spiced things, with cold drinks to save travelers from the heat. How I would love to be there if only for a few minutes.
While the center of this tiny town is often quiet and lacking in excitement, save for a few summer tourists stopping into the bakery for a coffee and a pastry. It has it’s own sleepy charm I suppose. Just a short walk from the past office is a swimming pond, usually filled with a few screaming and happy children at this time of year. The smell of the ponds is a definite Ontario delicacy, green and earthy, I would bottle it if I could and wear it as a perfume.
So I wander slowly home and excitedly open your package, which I must say came at a most appropriate time given that I was in between books and unsure of which way to proceed next. The slightly dog-eared copy you provided was the perfect thing. Do you know I almost always let the universe tell me what I should read next? It comes in the form of recommendations from strangers, or serendipity. This is the best way to read. I also prefer previously read volumes as they seem to contain some of the energy of the last reader, their thoughts may be still stuck on some of the pages and flitting about around the margins.
So some things I wanted to tell you and as I am lacking in time a list might be best.
1. I have heard that imaginary voice speaking to me also, through all of my favorite authors at various times.
2. Wong Kar Wai is also one of my favorites. Ever shot is like a painting.
3. I am enjoying “how are things?” very much. It reminds me quite a lot of “the species of spaces” by Georges Perec. If you haven’t read it you must go out and find it now! I am sure you will fall in love with it and want to carry it around with you.
4. I love that you carry Calvino around with you. I do that to with certain books, even if I don’t have time to read them. I think that maybe the words will affect my day somehow, seep into my body when I’m not looking.
5. I very much love the wall hanging! It is hanging on our front porch, a pocket for special things. Your letter is in it.
6. Congratulations on joining the plot to take over the world. You are right it is our plot now. All the best to us.
All the best to us.
a most gracious thank you to you. I am so very grateful for your words and your special spirit. I have no doubt that I will see your brilliant films on the big screen some day.

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