August 1st, 2003
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Note: I was about to post this a few days ago when we lost power. Luckily it was only out for about 24 hours (though we have been having local brown outs). I so enjoyed the darkness, secretly I have always wanted the life of a Mennonite. We rounded up some candles and congregated with many friends in the village listening to a battery powered radio and playing cribbage under the full moon.
Recently I joined my group of women (yaya’s) for Women’s Week. It is a yearly event where we spend our days chatting, laughing, crying, gossiping, sharing secrets, reading cheesy women’s magazines aloud (especially the sex advice columns), eating decadent food, laying on the beach, getting massages, manicures, and playing silly games (Guesstures). It was such a wonderful week for me and also incredibly emotional. Being with these women helps to fill the void that I have from missing my mom, and because they are her friends I am constantly reminded of her. I also took a lot of early morning walks on the beach to have some alone time and work through some of the emotions. Time spent with just women is so very healing. I highly recommend you starting your own group! Here is an excerpt from “Living Out Loud”. You can substitute the word ‘creativity’ for anything…women’s, singing, sewing, knitting. Make up a crazy mission statement. What I love most about women’s week that I have have permission to do all those cheesy women’s things, reading fluff fiction/magazines, buy cosmetics (foot rub, face masks), and drink fruity drinks.

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New Stuff…
…a few emails are flowing in from people who have bought Living Out Loud in stores in the U.S. That makes me very excited as I have yet to see it in a store here in Canada. If you spot it let me know. It makes my day.
…Promotional details (official release party in Toronto, etc.) coming soon.
…A HUGE thanks to all of you who have linked my book!!!! I feel so very grateful (I will continue to write you all and thank you personally when I find one).
Working on…
a new kids book concept, I won’t give away too much but it involves robots… an editorial piece (illustration) for the Washington Post…collage works for a gallery show in October.
“Why Girls are Weird” by Pamela Ribon. I couldn’t resist this book given that it too evolved from a website. I must admit I was a little skeptical at first but the writing totally sucked me in. Warning: Do not read this in bed if you don’t sleep alone, the bed will shake uncontrollably with your laughter, either a) waking up the sleeping party or b) forcing your bed partner to let you know what is so damn funny! The wooden hand excerpt had me peeing myself. Go read it.
“Goodbye Tsugumi” by Banana Yoshimoto If you’ve never read any Banana Yoshimoto before you are in for a treat. I recommend starting with “Kitchen” or “Lizard” if you can, (Goodbye Tsugumi was recently translated but written in 1989). In my humble opinion she is a masterful story teller, her books are slim but her words are well chosen and the characters sink into your psyche without you knowing it.
“Crow Lake” by Mary Lawson (for the bookclub) A vivid story taking place in Northern Ontario. I love the passages about local ponds, if only they could add that “pond smell” (I’m addicted to it, a mixture of pepper and something green).
“Book of Haikus” by Jack Kerouac Like the great Zen poets, Kerouac’s Haiku’s smack you on the back of the head and force you to open your eyes to the present moment. This is a small volume perfect to throw into
a tote for lazy afternoon readings in a cozy cafe!
Grateful for… The women in my life (and the men too)…great books…a new publicist…self sufficient living…full moons.
…I am fascinated by the Lightening Field, (link via Caterina). I must visit someday, though it must be very hit-and-miss (pardon the pun I couldn’t resist).
Yoga Journal’s recent issue has reminded of the Sun Salutations. For those days when I feel too lazy to put on my yoga DVD and can’t get up the energy to do a long workout (it happens a lot). You can do them anywhere, you don’t even have to pull out a mat, and they’re easy to remember. Sometimes just a little bit can get the energy flowing again (why do I forget this?). Here
is a page with illustrations.
…the same people that brought us Windy have a new book out…Sunny! Picnic Inc.
…really liking Boxbots
…always looking for a new handbag, I bought a vintage
floral tote
from frecklewonder. It’s nice and large for my journal and some art supplies (the courier size had a wide strap so the weight is distributed well), and I really like telling people “it’s made from a vintage dress. Jenny is a cool & talented chick!
Films I recommend:
I’ve haven’t been watching many films this month, except some really bad ones at the drive-in which I cannot recommend.
“how to make a belt out of plastic beer rings” alas, there is nothing…going off the grid…and robots.
Eating…potluck food…non perishables.

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