July 15th, 2003
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Last week I was inspired by a bookshelf I saw at a local antique store. I ran home to make one out of the huge pile of barn board we have in the yard. I am so proud of the results. So I spent the rest of the day fixing up our front porch for a new reading/writing spot. The room was built in the 30′s and has an old screen door and windows all around. My idea was to recreate a 1930′s cottage feel out of stuff I have lying around. Sometimes a little rearranging can make a world of difference. The finishing touch was a bouquet of mock orange blossoms and pink peonies in a vintage lime green enamel kettle.

Remember shiny star stickers?…read my latest article…
Small Things
New Stuff…
Bea has a recent entry on making a Parisian Escape in your backyard. (Apparently Bea has a published book in her future. More on that soon.)
…in case you didn’t hear last month Living Out Loud is available for pre-order on Amazon.com finally! Yay!
…still working on the “Moveable Type” version of the newsletter, it’s taking some time.
Working on…
a new comic character for a young audience 8-12, (I’ll tell you more later)… collage works for a gallery show in October. (I just sold a piece in a group “self-portrait” show at our local gallery. Yay!)
“A Moment’s Liberty -the shorter Diary of Virginia Woolf” At 500 pages, it’s not that short. I opened it up to this quote:

“Here are my resolutions for the next three months: the next lap of the year. First, to have none; not to be tied. Second, to be free and kindly with myself, not goading it to parties; to sit rather privately reading in the studio. To make a good job of the Waves. To care nothing for making money.”
Friday 2, January Monks House, Rodmell

Ha ha, it seems all artists, even Virginia Woolf have the worry of making money.
Grateful for… My little lake in the woods (mini vacation spot), I’m there everyday now, walking, writing by the water, picnicking.
…I fell in love with this haori and had to have it. It has such a strange modern design, I am very curious about it’s origins. I am not a kimono collector but have always wanted one, and yes, I will definitely wear it. I think everyone should have at least one kimono, don’t you?
…a shoemaker and an architect joined forces to make Footprints Architect.
…one of my favourite people Rama Hughes has created Haiku Tag. You’re it!
…the fabulous and newlywed Andrea reminded me about Creativity Explored. I love this work. The problem is I want to buy all the art. I purchased the painting called “Birds” and the book “Fears of My Life” by Michael Bernard Loggins.
Films I recommend:
The Hours …which I’m sure you’ve all seen by now. This film rekindled my interest in the Bloomsbury Group, so I’ve put my books about them in the cottage for evening readings.
The Bloomsbury Group (again), and unique artlst’s collectives.
Eating…things from my garden…arugula, lettuce, coriander, peas…homemade pizza with yellow tomatoes, proscuitto, and arugula.

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