June 4th, 2003
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I have been spending a lot of time procrastinating my work and hanging out in the garden. (I hope my clients are not reading this right now, if you are, forgive me.) But alas it’s true. I never miss a deadline mind you, it’s just that everything is blooming, and I read a book on Perennial Garding so I am trying things out. My gardening techinique is of the experimental sort. After last month where I seemed to be consumed only with work, recent days have given way to idleness and rest. I really needed it. I feel much more tuned in to nature, and the natural flow of things.I’ve also been trying to find ways to blend my work with my gardening experience.
Some examples:
-reading magazine copy while sitting in my hammock.
-setting up my laptop outside with my wacom tablet under the apple tree.
-making sure my cordless phone (the one with the long range) is next to my garden tools.
In fact I should design a tool belt for people who are self-employed, or those who
work from home to use in the summer months. The key is to give the appearance that you are working.

Feeling daring?…read my latest article…
Getting Naked -showing your stuff to the rest of the world
New Stuff…
Bea has a recent entry, ever wanted to become a real life sleuth
Living Out Loud is available for pre-order on Amazon.com finally! Yay! (Now I am not one who has any right to criticize spelling, but take note of how they spell the subject heading “Inspirational. Self-Help”. I wrote them a little note. Maybe you should too, it’s kind of sad really.)
…I have been once again studying “Moveable Type” and am working on putting the newsletter into a new format. When I have worked out all the bugs (potentially next month), it will allow me to add many more features (better archiving, comments, etc.) It will also provide a forum for me to post more often than once a month (as so many of you have requested.) We’ll see how it evolves.
Working on… a couple of greeting card designs…one editorial piece…the garden.
“The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay” by Michael Chabon. I’m halfway through this, what a wonderful journey. Just as a great comic book will have you believing the characters are real, so does Michael Chabon with his writing.
“Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage”, by Alice Munro (for the bookclub).
“Stalking the Wild Asparagus”, by Euell Gibbons. I read this book every
year at this time to find out what I should look for on my walks in the woods.
“The Harrowsmith Perennial Garden:Flowers for Three Seasons” by Patrick Lima. Finally a book that gives me several plans to choose from. I’ve always had issues with height, but no more.
Grateful for …house renovations (slowly but surely)…apple,
lilac, and cherry tree blossoms that smell incredible…lily of the valley…dreams coming to fruition.
Jamie Oliver’s Blog He just had a second child, I love reading about successful people who are also parents.
…an update on the Quentin Blake
badge saga (continued from last month). So I wrote a letter to the company (Robertson’s Jams) explaining my story, (that I am a huge fan of Quentin Blake and that my friends brought me the requested three tokens to send away for Roald Dahl badges which featured artwork by Quentin and I would be more than happy to pay for the required shipping fee for them to send it to Canada, .) I received a reply stating “Unfortunately we don’t deliver abroad, however if you have someone in the UK we could send to, we would be happy to fulfill your order. Payment by English
sterling only.” So, I decided to write a letter to Mr. Quentin Blake himself which stated that a) I am a huge fan and wanted to let him know how much of an influence he has been on my choice to become an illustrator by profession, and b) the whole thing about the badges. I’ll let you know if I hear from him. I had to become a sleuth myself to find his mailing address.
Wondermilk, Some nice handmade items for sale. It’s a bit slow on dialup sadly.
…my absolute favourite game from the 80′s, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy At the tender age of 13, I became a huge fan of Douglas Adams and was obsessed with playing this text based game on my TRS80, (this was an early computer that actually used cassette tapes). I spose I’m dating myself here.
…the illustrations of Johny Hannah.
Films I recommend:
Relating to my current article, on the theme of “self-doubt”…
Adaptation -incredibly clever and thought provoking. Even if you don’t like this film you will find yourself wanting to talk about it with friends for days. I do seem to like films that leave you scratching you head afterwards.
Comedian -Jerry Seinfeld. A documentary that deals with what it is actually like to perform as a comedian, as opposed to what we see on the screen. I thought I knew who Jerry Seinfeld was based on his t.v. character. Was I ever wrong. He is completely human and neurotic. I found this film so incredibly helpful this week. Even people at the very top struggle on a daily basis. A must see for anyone struggling with confidence issues.
Researching… Wild Foods…I found a jackpot of wild spearmint in a nearby meadow this week, (I’ll never have to buy mint tea again.) A list of wild foods I have found in my neighborhood, wild raspberries, wild grapes, wild leeks, apples, watercress, mint, milkweed, mulberry. My goal right now is to identify Juneberries which make an excellent pie.
Eating… lemonade (4 lemons, 31/2 cups water, honey to taste)…Gypsy Soup…lots of Dulse to increase my iron levels (toasted in a dry frying pan)…Atlantic Salmon…tortillas toasted with parmesan to make chips…rhubarb.

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