March 5th, 2003
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So many things to share with you this month. I’ve had some great trips to the city in an attempt to gain some outside influence and to escape the feeling of being cooped up. I know spring is merely weeks away and I cannot wait for that lovely melting earth smell that comes during the thaw. For this month’s wish jar tale, I chose to write from the gut, here goes nothing…
Journey to the Dark Side (Luke)
New Stuff…
…For those of you who haven’t heard Bea’s Diary was chosen as a Yahoo Pick! There was a lovely little review which you can read. Her popularity has soared as a result, much to my surprise. There was also a little news bit at
…Bea also has two recent entries, Sublime Saturday and Random Cutting Collage.
…I will be doing a presentation for a drawing class March 24th at the Ontario College of Art and Design at 3:30pm!
Working on… several editorial jobs…and another book concept (in it’s early stages).
Reading… “The Life of Pi” by Yann Martel, (for the bookclub). I have to say is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I won’t give anything away (it’s easy to do as there are many surprises). But I will say, I DARE you to put it down after page 107! It’s impossible. I was gripping the armchair and constantly getting up for water and food! This book really makes you think about what it means to tell a story. Yann Martel has the gift.
“Without Reservations -the travels of an independent woman” by Alice Steinbach. A lovely story about a middle aged woman who realizes that she has fallen into the habit of “defining myself in terms of who I was to other people and what they expected of me.” So she decides to take off to Europe for a year of finding herself. My favourite thing in this book are the postcards that she regularly sent home to herself.
“Making Memory Books and Journals by hand” by various authors. Is a compilation of three books in one. Someone had recommended this book to me recently so I decided to pick it up. While the actual directions are quite lacking, (the photos are too small to see what the maker is doing), I find it a good source of inspiration. Filled with lots of images of artists journals. I’ve started to incorporate sewing into my journal and find it quite freeing, it reminds me a hours spent watching my grandmother darning socks.
Grateful for …really good books that transport you…japanese paper…a vivid imagination.
Enjoying… hours of fun at LooplandGoldtop…I was actually very moved by seeing her drawings of the hospital equipment, I love when people can make the most out of a trying experience.
…I’m sort of dreaming of a French Country Cottage, landscapes filled with green hills and castles. And this one is affordable.
…if you haven’t seen it yet How to Draw a radish is a good alternative to doing “practical” things. I particularly like the quote “Always have $1 and a pen with you at all times. (The $1 is to buy another pen, in case the first one runs out of ink.).”
…kicking my butt, Knock Knock Products
…and for some daily reading try Making Happy.
…illustrator Brian Rea
Films I recommend:
Donnie Darko I always laughed at the title of this while passing it in the videostore, thinking it was the cheesiest name ever. This film rocks! (My partner didn’t think so.) But I love stories with old books, mysterious characters, cryptic messages, and fantastical characters played by Patrick Swayze. The website gives even more background info on some of the strange characters and has different levels to reach via passwords, codes, etc. Think Twin Peaks meets X-Files. Layers. I want to get the DVD. Enlightenment Guaranteed Another from the Dogma school. A charming story about two brothers who travel to Tokyo to spend time in a Buddhist monastery. Recommended for anyone into Buddhism, it goes into many of the concepts that I am working on myself, (non-judgement, lightheartedness, sitting), but it does it in a funny, entertaining way. Made me laugh, cry, and smile.
Researching… Wind Power, I’m thinking about getting a windmill as the cost of fuel is beginning to skyrocket.
Eating… drinking lots of green tea…asian chicken soup with soba noodles…potato and fennel soup…spinach risotto with asiago and carrot.

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