February 4th, 2003
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After many days of feeling cooped up in blizzard like conditions (the road is closed today, my town is an island), I decided to get out and get moving (I am essentially lazy at heart and given the choice would rather curl up with a good book than spend my energy getting geared up to go out). But I must admit it feels really good to move my body. Part of my remedy? I got tired of spending hours layering before being able to stand the cold, so I broke down and bought some fancy snowpants (yes, my frugal self relinquished control). I cannot believe the contrast! I no longer feel the biting wind through the seams of my fifteen year old shell pants (borrowed from an ex-boyfriend and never returned). The new ones are light and comfy (and don’t cut me when I sit, ten layers will do that to you.) But best of all, I feel invincible to the cold, like when I was young and didn’t feel it. It’s like having your own portable house or space pod. It makes me want to go outside again, I am free! So after lunch I am going to venture out into the woods with my snowshoes.

From the Wish Jar Tales…

Think Less, Draw More -A Lesson from Ewe
…Great News! Miss Bea now has her own site, update your bookmarks.
…she also has two new entries, Cafe Chronicles, and Things I’m Doing to Beat the Winter Blahs.

Working on… a new kids book manuscript…and another book concept (in it’s early stages).

“When We Were Orphans” by Kazuo Ishiguro, (for the bookclub). I’m really enjoying this one, part murder mystery (1930′s genre), part historical drama. The same author who wrote “Remains of the Day”. Very British.

“Mrs. Dalloway” by Virginia Woolf. Her hommage to Ullyses by Joyce. Stream of consciousness writing, I wanted some background before I see “the Hours”.

…my portable spacepod…the ability to see the world with new perspectives.

I’ve been making maralade with this recipe. There are so many variations on marmalade it is quite easy to get confused. Unfortunately, I panicked and jarred before it was quite set. The result is quite runny, but tastes divine. I also found this site quite helpful.
Willing to Try is by a favourite illustrator of mine Richard McGuire. *Warning, a very addictive, time sucking endeavor.
These journals by Ex Libris Annonymous are brilliant. The problem is I have an aversion to spiral bindings for my journals. It may be because I feel it lacks permanence somehow, (you can easily rip the pages out without anyone knowing.) I am still on the hunt for bound “found paper” journals like the ones Journey Book by Sharilyn Wright, sadly it has been out of stock for months. Let me know if you find any other sources (available to Canada that is.)
…Beautiful tote bags by Gauchita.

Films I recommend:

Tadpole A lovely little film! Kind of John Hughes meets Woody Allen, (with quotes from Voltaire thrown in.) There is a hilarious scene in a restaurant that makes you squirm with discomfort for the main character.
Go rent it.

Kikujiro Wonderful and painful at the same time, (childhood pain is the worst). The main character is a small boy who wears the most wonderful little knapsack with stuffed wings on the back. Definitely in the black comedy genre.

Researching…Organic Seeds, I am thinking of starting some seeds indoors this year.

Eating…drinking lots of chamomile tea…homemade chicken soup (my own recipe)…runny marmalade…goat’s cheese pizza with carmelized onions and figs…thinking of trying Louisiana Gumbo….butternut squash soup & perogies.

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