January 6th, 2003
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I feel rather qualified to talk about hibernation right now. I am just recovering from having my wisdom teeth out, (surprisingly I feel the same level of wisdom as before. Why do they call them wisdom teeth?) I have been instructed by a physician to take a couple of days off, (this is not as easy as it sounds). So I went to the grocery store and stocked up on soft food items cottage cheese, jello, yogurt, and anything that could be easily mashed. A quick trip to the video store for a plethora of yet to be seen foreign and domestic films, and one last spree in the bookstore for a book to get lost in. The snow is up around the foot and a half mark, there is a fire in the stove, and nothing to do but surrender to the re-cooperation. My time is measured by salt water mouth rinses and ice packs.

From the Wish Jar Tales…



New Stuff…
Miss Bea is sharing a great new soup recipe in her diary.
Working on…
lots of children’s stuff…a large four page spread for American Girl Magazine.
“How to change your entire life by doing absolutely nothing” by Karen Salmansohn, I LOVE this book. Put this in the category of ‘I wish I’d wrote that’, simple, beautiful design, great illustrations. Sadly her other titles sound a little too cynical (bitter?) for my taste.
“The Woman Who Painted Her Dreams” by Isla Dewar. My first time read for this author, easy to read for when your jaws are sore.
“Comfortable With Uncertainty” by Pema Chodron
“If I knew don’t you think I’d tell you?” Selected Journals of Jann Arden Jann is a Canadian singer/songwriter whose journals are quite candid and hilarious at times. You can also read her journals online.
My new favourite kids book…“Windy” by Robin Mitchell & Judith Steedman is so charming I gasped when I saw it, if you take the slip cover off there are instructions on how to make a kite underneath. Alas, I could find no info on the authors.
Grateful for
…my body’s ability to heal…less pain than anticipated.
This cute flash site.
You may have heard of this already, Bookcrossing I am ready to release three of mine into the world.
I think I got this link from Claire,
Duck for Cover, a great book resource.
The films I rented:
Aprile -I loved ‘Caro Diaro’ but this one left me thinking ‘what was the point of that’? Nanni Moretti could use a dose of Ritalin in this one.
Italian for Beginners -from the Dogme 95 genre. I have to admit I found the primitive nature of this film distracting at first, but once I got into the characters I seemed to forget about the filming (the acting was excellent).
Rare Birds A Newfoundland story staring William Hurt and Molly Parker. William Hurt was painfully slow moving for someone who had a cocain habit!
New Waterford Girl Five Reasons to see this film 1. Nova Scotia is cool 2. Mary Walsh 3. Mark McKinney (of Kids in the Hall fame) 4. Andrew McCarthy is STILL dreamy! 5. the writing is so great! I liken it to a combination of “Angel at my Table” and “Beetlejuice.
Before Night Falls A beautiful film directed by Julian Schnabel, memoir of the Cuban poet and novelist Reinaldo Arenas. I am curious to go read some of his writing, though I usually shy away from politically motivated
prose (he was self proclaimed anti-Castro), this is a period in history I know little about.
Tonights Feature

Researching…>What are the qualities of the perfect book bag?

Eating…>only soft or liquid things (I am SO craving anything crunchy!)

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