December 10th, 2002
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I am trying to get all my work done so I can down on the floor and do what is really calling me right now…decorating with paper. I’m taking a tip from Claire,
remember making paper snowflakes for the first time and covering your windows with them? Someday I would like to do a book called “decorating for free”. When in doubt paper cranes can also make a room. I have always loved the story of Sadako and the cranes. When I was younger I sent some cranes to Japan for the Peace Project. A few weeks later I got a letter from Japan with a photo of Sadako’s monument. I was so excited to get mail from Japan (something I did not expect), it was better than a letter from Santa! I still have the photo to this day.
From the Wish Jar Tales…

Season’s Greetings -Reflection


New Stuff…

…a gift for you, introducing “Fred the Holiday Dress-Up Elf”

Miss Bea is remembering some of her favourite travel memories.

…as a parting gift for the cast of Oklahoma I made this. It is based on the actual set and characters from our production.

…I thought I would also share with you a little origami treat that I think I came up with myself, on the theme of “decorating for free”. Start by making lots of origami “balloons”. Take a string of X-mas lights and place one balloon over each light, using the “hole” that you used to blow up the balloon. Make sure your lights don’t get too hot, the string I used barely gets warm so it is not a problem. Viola, mini lanterns! (Maybe I am not the only one to ever do this, but I’ve never seen it anywhere.)

Working on… finishing off some editorial work… x-mas gifts.

“Unless” by Carol Shields (for the bookclub)

“Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On” by Helen M. Luke (journal from a jungian writer.)

“100 Demons” by Lynda Barry (If you like her work you must run out an buy this immediately, it is beautiful AND engaging!)

Other comics artists I thrive on…Chris WareSethDaniel ClowesBen Katchor

Grateful for…lots of snow…my studio with x-mas

Enjoying…I ordered this video. Corita Kent is a huge influence in my work, you can read more about her teaching process in the book Learning by Heart.

…the people who bring you jotto’s

Alice Neel, the artist’s process once again.

…I also wanted to share with you my favourite charity, Foster
Parents Plan
. I’ve had two foster children for a few years now, and I find it extremely rewarding.

Researching…you cannot pursue a creative life without coming into contact with an idea from Buckminster Fuller at some point. I particularly am fond of his motto of “see the Big Picture and take strategic action”, we could all stand to gain from his teachings at this point in history.

Eating…clementines…comfort food (soup andstews)…lots of fruit and nuts.

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