November 15th, 2003
word gifts

While walking along a windy street in the city yesterday I saw a man with a sign that read…

Everyone that walked by him ended up smiling, you couldn’t help it. He was making comments like, “That’s it, yes indeed, beautiful, beautiful!” How nice it would be to recieve smiles all day. He seems to have made a career out of being a “Professional Smilemaker”. I wandered into a nearby bookstore with the smile still on my face. I’m sure it was there for at least an hour. Think what would happen if we had these people in every city around the world! If I see him again I will surely thank him for the gift. Such a simple thing.
My village was hit with a major blizzard two days ago, so I am surrounded by a sea of white. Perfect reading weather. I started reading “Love in the Time of Cholera” last night and find it hard to put down. Question for you: Why must we always let curiousity get the better of us? I have to admit to doing something that I usually FORBID myself to do…I peeked at the last page. I only saw one word, the last one. But I suspect this one word sums up the entire book. Now it is on my mind constantly. Curious? Read it and find out.
Also along the gift theme… I am always amazed at how great it feels to give a gift that you really love and feel passionate about. I’m speaking specifically about something created by a fellow artist. Just a reminder while there’s still time, (don’t give your money to a corporation), send it to someone who puts good energy out into the world on a daily basis! Here is my quick list (I know most of you are probably are aware of these people, but for those who aren’t you’re in for a treat). And it’s good karma to boot!
Superhero Designs, to know her is to love her.
Ruckus Designs
Blissen, everthing handmade and good.
Pamela Barsky
Knock Knock
Ex Libris Anonymous
Posie, cute new skirts! She rocks my world.
Monster Factory, what else…monsters.
If’n Books + Marks
Sibling Rivalry
Gallery at Girl at Play, if you hurry you might still be able to purchase one of the last existing prints of the Sublime Alex.
Creativity Explored
Super Fantastico
(I know there are more that will come to me in time.)
on another note:
A fun thing to do…Play the Barber of Seville while driving downtown in a large city. Pretend it’s a soundtrack to what you are viewing.
(I did this yesterday and laughed my head off. The bike couriers take on a special tone of added urgency. Just picturing it again is causing me to giggle uncontrollably.)

Nov 17 2003
1:41 pm
Anonymous writes:

I passed that smile-guy the other day! I had been so used to people asking me for change that he had totally taken me by surprise. My head down, I had been talking to my boyfriend when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw his sign. It was such a pleasant surprise that, instead of a smile, I burst into laughter.

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