June 20th, 2011
what we did for father’s day

Jun 20 2011
12:41 pm
Camilla writes:

Should have done something like that for Fathers Day.

Jun 20 2011
4:58 pm
dawn writes:

I’ve missed these types of posts.

I shall bear this in mind for my picnic tomorrow (in particular the dessert), if the weather is kind!

Jun 21 2011
1:23 am
pixie writes:

I’ve not seen wiffle balls in your sketches before! I love these so much. They’re like…ingrained in me.

Jun 23 2011
7:05 pm
claudine hellmuth writes:

always love your drawings Keri!!

Jun 24 2011
3:42 am
demie writes:

absolutely adorable : )

Jun 25 2011
10:04 am
Dayna writes:

Oh I love your drawings keri xx and thanks for the idea , my dad loves the nature and going hiking, so that will be perfec for fathers day xx he would <3 it!!!

Jun 26 2011
1:29 pm
becky writes:

Cheers, keri, that has given me a great idea!!!! XXXX I’ll do that!

Jun 26 2011
1:31 pm
Dayna writes:

Oh Thanks Keri, that has given me a great idea, I wll do that, a lovely picnic in the countryside my dad will love it for fathers!!

Jun 26 2011
9:56 pm
M writes:

i used to draw something similar to your style but it just doesn’t look as cute/decent as yours! keep it up all the amazing works, you’re such an inspirational person! i wish i could meet you in person though i’m not a really art person, despite the fact i’m a lost graphic design graduates.


Jul 15 2011
10:56 pm
Jianine writes:

wow, that’s spectacular! keep up the great work, keri :) i bought your book “Wreck This Journal” and it’s soo fun, thanks!

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