September 6th, 2007
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what texture is the chair you are sitting on?

the fall weather has thrown me into a period of hypercreativity. cool air causes me to almost explode with ideas. the daily walks in the woods end with me running to the journal to write. pregancy is probably adding to this too, i feel a part of nature like never before. I find myself feeling grateful and in awe of everything, (especially food). I wrote this to a friend yesterday:
I’m starting to feel the baby move and it’s the most incredible thing in the world, (though it also freaks me out sometimes). It’s a weird thing to know that you are two instead of one. I think not enough women talk about how bizarre being pregnant can feel at first, it really can mess with your head to grasp the concept in full. And it can overwhelm you with excitement at the same time. what a trip! I’m falling deeply in love with an alien creature who lives in my belly. and i have no idea what they look like yet.
a new book idea has literally leapt out of my head in the last few months. and I am in love with it too. the proposal sent off, and while normally I am sitting and waiting, this time I am still writing. still spewing out ideas every hour. the running to the journal is the best feeling in the world. at times I wonder how is it that I still continue to have ideas? where do they keep coming from? is this well limitless? it feels like it. as long as I continue to research everything that comes into my head i think they will always be growing and morphing into new things.
the above image is from a book by bruno munari entitled the tactile workshops. In 1977 munari worked on the first tactile workshop in Paris, a space filled with things that students where encouraged to touch, materials, models, city maps in relief, black boxes you could put your hand into. this is one of the concepts that my brain is inhabiting these days, this encouragement to experience things in a tactile way. i am one of those people who finds it impossible not to touch things when the urge hits, (making art galleries challenging). I am devising a world where this is encourged, not avoided. Munari writes, “The sense of touch is neglected, considered unimportant to adults who themselves have been conditioned by a limited education based only on sight and hearing…It is not that we adults have lost our sense of touch but that we use it very little. It is only when we go and buy clothing, for example, that we touch the material to see “how it feels”; usually though, touch is severely neglected.”
All this focus on interactivity using technology. The world is already INTERACTIVE!
there were a few other things I wanted to tell you but I can’t remember what they were now. just randomly…
…there are moments in the day where I simply cannot eat enough.
…I am really enjoying SMALL magazine, the toys from Wren are the best thing in the world.
…which led me to Linet, I am obsessed with linen in all forms.
…the smell of leaves makes me very happy.
…I have been working my way through all of the Ted talks, it’s quite addictive. the science ones are often the most interesting to me. my favourites so far, Wade Davis, Eve Ensler, William McDonough, and Janine Benyus.
Wreck this Journal made a bestseller list for the bookstore chain Harry Schwartz. This is a first for me so we’re going out to celebrate tonight!
…a quote that I put on my chalkboard this week,
“the imagination needs moodling, –long, inefficient happy idling, dawdling and puttering.” ~Brenda Ueland
let yourself moodle a bit more will ya? it could really help you out in the long run. i love it when authors make up words. here is my definition for it,
moodle, verb., to allow procrastination to take over to the point where your imagination is fully engaged and does whatever it wants to.
i also love words that sound like what they are. moodle is definitely something you could do on a couch or in your parents basement.

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