February 6th, 2009
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what its like in my head

the book is for the most part finished. still a few months of editing, corrections, tweaking. i love it. and I will probably feel a bit vulnerable when it comes out (as always). i live in my imagination a lot of the time. and I now I am sharing it in little bits with others. such a strange thing to let you into my head. most of the time it can be a wonderful place. lots of fun things to see and do. lots of characters and imaginary friends. the world is a big playground, and there are stories everywhere. a lot of the time while walking around it you will find me smiling at something that no one else can see. like a crazy person. crazy but happy. i live in a michel gondry film, or a children’s museum, or bruno munari’s head, or a sigur ros video.
as you can imagine this is not always an easy place to be, daily life proves a bit challenging. there are many things one has to do and remember to reside in a largely left-brained world. I was interviewed recently (more aptly “screened” for a interview with a big radio personality), and was asked what it is like to live in the right brain a lot of the time. I responded with, “it’s pretty cool but you have to be okay with forgetting a lot of things (gloves, glasses, pens, scarves, baby, etc.) (just kidding about the baby).
i am an endless stream of forgetting.
i’ll give you and example. i am getting ready to go somewhere, I remember that I have to bring my sunglasses. I start to head in the direction of the glasses. on the way I remember that I need to bring some money. I head off to get my wallet. on the way I see that the light is hitting the table in a wonderful way, i must get the camera. I go to find the camera and find a piece of paper on the floor that has something written on it….
you get the idea.
it’s beautiful in here, but a bit crowded.
photo from art is everywhere

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