November 19th, 2007
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what is in my head right now

…that I will read later today Raymond Queneau and bits from Invisible Cities, by that writer who I am obsessed with lately. i’m afraid to say his name out loud in case he tries to mess with me again. i seem to have fabricated some kind of literary curse, (along the same lines of Voldem***).
…contemplating how much i love literary mysteries, such as the kind that might occur in the dusty corners of libraries. some kind of discovery that leads one on a journey of research, trying to uncover something that no one else noticed, (the book Possession comes to mind).
…feeling some heaviness over recent family tragedy, as my friend put it brilliantly, “clinging to that feeling of sadness that is distant, yet leaves a profound mark on daily perception of family and life.”
…the title of this book sums up my life right now. (is there also one about peeing every five minutes?)
…thinking about my friends, Helen and Jake, Reid Maclean (listening to your music right now and singing and the baby is dancing along in my belly), Mike Schwartz, Christian Keifer, Pixie, Nina, Wendy, and many more. miss you all and desperately wishing I could see you all even for an hour or two.
“when did we last go out dancing?” ~Reid Maclean
a new interview with the excellent glass doorknob.

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