September 28th, 2009
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we have some winners!

It is a tie, as I could not decide which one I like better. The first one is is from Design Doll Studio, and the second is from Alan Li.
We also have a winner for the class giveaway, it is Kate Stasik. Here is an excerpt from her email:
I teach at Little Wound High School on Pine Ridge Reservation in rural South Dakota. My students, Lakota Sioux children, are descendants of Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and the members of the 1973 AIM Movement. Despite this, they face seemingly insurmountable obstacles: alarming levels of AIDS, STDs, diabetes and heart disease; widespread poverty; poor family lives; abuse; gangs; alcohol and drug problems. Shannon County, where LWHS sits, is the second poorest county in the nation with an average annual per capita income of just over $2,000.
My 10th grade English class has an average reading level around 5th grade. Many are much lower level readers. I have been trudging through teaching them literature, though most of them do not have the self confidence (or the reading skills) to delve into a novel.
Enter you. “This is Not a Book” is perfect for my reluctant readers. Traditionally, Lakota students were purely hands-on learners: they practiced skills such as beadwork and hunting repeatedly before being asked to perform the skill publicly. Often, my more traditional students just don’t see the point in being asked to read in class. However, they love acting out skits, creating murals, making collages, and listening to presentations. “This is Not a Book” will be the perfect way for me to bridge the gap between active learning and passively reading a book.
Furthermore, many of my students have never “owned” a book. They are assigned textbooks in poor condition and told that they can’t take them home because they will simply lose them. To give these students a book, any book, would be an incredible gift. But to give them a book that meets them where they are and asks them to really take ownership of their own creativity would be priceless.

Kate will be receiving books for her entire class.
I really want to thank everyone who entered, it was a difficult decision and I truly wanted to give the books to everyone who entered. I am considering finding a way to do this in the near future so don’t despair. I am keeping all your contact info and will let you know if I can manage it at some point. You may get an email from me in the coming months!
The next giveaway challenge:
Come up with the weirdest use of “this is not a book” you can think of.

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