December 28th, 2008
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washing machine

a wonderful exploration sent to me from markus (inspired by “how to be an explorer”). He created it while being angry with his new washing machine. I love it. reminds me a bit of the early work of experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage. watching it makes me want to experiment more with film.
another beautiful brakhage, mothlight. they are like moving collages.
the washing machine film is quite appropriate for me right now as I have embarked on my own project of documenting “things that are spotted/found while in the midst of another task”. for example “while looking after the baby” you notice the ice patterns on the window. “while visiting the public restroom” you see an interesting pattern on the floor tile. I suppose that is precisely the point of “Explorer” given that I wanted the things to be found “in the midst of living”, but I suppose I go further into this everyday as I am so limited in time now. every little thing I see has an even greater importance, or is even of greater interest when it is so fleeting.
i must run, someone stirs.

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