June 4th, 2004
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wandering blues

Dancing around my studio this morning to the Be Good Tanya’s, song the littlest bird. “I love you so dearly, I love you so fearlessly. I wake you up early in the morning just to tell you I got the wandering blues.” I made myself a deal yesterday, if I finished colouring 10 pages then I could go for a bike ride today. I must trick myself with little rewards these days. I laughed at this one, instead of ice cream or wine I get a long ride down a dirt road. HOORAY!!!
I bought a tiny journal when i was in CA, I wish now I had bought dozens of them. It is one and a half by two inches, and has a string so you can hang it around your neck. I find it quite handy for when I go on walks (or bike rides) and don’t want to carry my heavy journal with me. Perfect for jotting down ideas, lists, notes, quotes, concepts you don’t want to forget. Not so great for sketching, maybe tiny sketches.
and so I am off for a quick mini adventure.
“Social pressure is the enemy.” -Joseph Campbell

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