January 16th, 2012
Viva Italia!

Have I shown you this? No? It’s one of my proudest achievements. Published by Corraini, the same publisher of Bruno Munari. I cried when I found out. Not joking. As you well know, Munari is one of my heros and a huge influence on my work.

The universe is bringing all kinds of goodness to me in the form of invitations to participate in great projects. I feel a bit like a kid in a candy store, but one who has no money, or in my case time to do it all. It is amazing how little time I have to work right now. I am working in the smallest of chunks, ten minutes here, twenty minutes there. My littlest one does not like to stay asleep once she goes down at night, and wakes every hour for the first few hours. There is a wonderful quote about creating, in the form of writing, by Louise Erdrich (found on Summer Pierre’s blog), go read the poem there entitled “Advice to Myself”. This has become my answer to all who ask me “How do you do it?”

“I suspect it has to do with a small, incremental persistent insect-like devotion to putting one word next to the next word. It’s a very dogged process.”

Yes it is. This is how I am managing. Sloooowwwly.

Luckily my subconscious seems to be working full time on my current book and gives me ideas and solutions when I need them. Often as I am waking in the morning when I am between sleep and wakefulness.

Jan 16 2012
1:25 pm
Angie writes:


I am an artist and have been reading your blog for years but this is the first time I’ve commented.

I wanted to tell you that I think your blog is as powerful as your published work and hope you continue to write in the limited time you have available.

I have loved reading on this blog your sources of inspiration, your encouragement to fellow artists, what you’re reading, etc. These posts have inspired me in large and small ways and I hope that you share those posts as well as news of your books.

Long-time listener

Jan 16 2012
3:36 pm
Still wrecking writes:

Viva Italia indeed!! I am going to buy myself an Italian copy. Two great things combined: that beautiful language and your inspiring work! Tanti auguri a te!

Jan 16 2012
3:57 pm
Jack writes:

Oh that poem is brilliant! Just what I needed to read. Too often I put off what I really want to do, and clear out the rotting celery from the fridge instead. This is a timely reminder for me to use my precious time more wisely!!

Jan 16 2012
8:54 pm
nina writes:

Love this — my knowledge of Italian is sparse, yet I want this version!

I keep encountering reminders that a huge part of creating anything is committing to showing up. So thanks for sharing yet another reminder of that important message for me right now.

And I feel you with your little ones. My youngest didn’t sleep through the night until she was 5 years old! And we were joined at the hip until she was 3 — no bottle, no pacifier, no thumb, only mama. It’s kind of a blur, but we managed to finish grad school together!

Jan 17 2012
1:16 pm
mariska eyck writes:

hello Keri, being an artist and a mother I recognize the 10 minutes a time to work on projects. But every step is a step, no matter how small. Congratulations on your Italian edition of your book!

Jan 19 2012
11:24 pm
Melany writes:

Contratulations : ) This is beautiful (& very inspiring!).

Jan 20 2012
1:43 am
Hilltop Hausfrau writes:

When it rains it pours…in a good way, in your case!!

Aw…I can relate you crying when your mentor recognised your work. Not because it’s happened to me. But I can imagine the overwhelming joy you must have felt! Congratulations…

I too can related to the “dogged” work of creating inbetween child-wrangling/soothing. My little Charlotte is finally one (feels like a milestone) and I LIVE for her (and her older brother’s) bedtime.

Then I discover that it’s too dark to knit, crochet or draw! Argh.

Jan 20 2012
3:41 am
mammainverde writes:

E’ bellissimo. Complimenti e grazie!!

Jan 20 2012
5:41 am
folkscallmejonny writes:

“How to be a linguistic Explorer of the World” (to be continued).

Jan 21 2012
3:50 pm
Mammozza writes:

Hi, from Italy. I arrive here because a reader has write about your book and your blog. I thik that I will buy your book for my child.

Jan 30 2012
8:24 am
Lara of Wortels.info writes:

I was checking out your website again today, because I suggested it to someone else. Then I saw your post about the Italian edition. Kudos! Of course, after all those years, I can’t wait to see the Dutch version. I use the English version as a text book for Dutch primary school teachers – so the Dutch version is overdue ;-) Was so pleased to see that Spectrum has announced its imminent arrival:

How to be an explorer of the world – Nederlandse editie
Keri Smith

Uitvoering Paperback
Omvang 204
ISBN 9789000308194
Prijs €14,99

Deze titel verschijnt binnenkort
= “This title will be published soon”

Yes! Hoera!

Best wishes,
Lara Tauritz Bakker

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