November 12th, 2007
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a few days spent with a wonderful tribe of women, celebrating my upcoming birth. we explored the streets of woodstock, ate lots of great food (I ate enough for three people I think), and spent time in an amazing wool store taking in all the color. the evening spent knitting and chatting. my heart leapt, waking up in the forest every morning, (reminding me of my house in the country), and being around a couple of active babes was the perfect thing to help prepare me for the future. there is nothing better than yacking with women (who are exceptional mama’s) and sharing food together.
I returned to a completely new house, as my husband had worked non-stop for days painting my dining room, bedroom and kitchen as a surprise. It is the perfect end to a weekend full of ritual (Blessingway), one that is letting me know that my life is soon going to change drastically and permanently. I already feel much like a new person.
so i sit munching on pumkin bread, (made by the talented nina bonnina), loving my new house, smellng some good smells, and enjoying the wonderful gifts I was given over the last few days.
my talented husband jefferson pitcher and his partner in crime christian kiefer have recently launched a split album (with Camera Obscura Records) called “To all dead sailors”, which is getting amazing reviews all over the place. it’s pretty great. also check out christian’s “dogs and donkeys” and see why we love him.
my good friend steve lambert (who is featured on page 3 of “the guerilla art kit”) succeeded in closing down dozens of mcdonald’s restaurants in Manhattan for one day, without using any special technology. Watch this video to see how he did it and be amazed.
enjoying rutu modan.
please note: due to my current work schedule and need to slow down due to pregnancy, I am unable to respond to the bulk of email I am receiving. it is nothing personal, but I need to make quiet time a priority and make choices about how I expend my energy. thanks for your understanding.

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