June 25th, 2012

Jun 25 2012
8:10 am
aylin writes:

congratulations on your 42nd ice cream this summer!

Jun 25 2012
8:52 am
~Heather writes:

If you’re back home, Herrells gives you a free medium sundae on your b’day!

Jun 25 2012
9:23 am
kerismith writes:

We haven’t moved yet, damn! We will be there in August. hope to meet you when we move!

Jun 25 2012
9:59 am
Jenny Lee writes:

How very strange… I just wrote about turning this number on my blog. Only moments ago. Funny!

Jun 25 2012
10:22 am
Carlos writes:

Congratulations! ^_^

Jun 25 2012
10:28 am
lisa jean writes:

ah.. the 40′s. i love them! I’m working on my 5 year in the big 4-0 land. I have found my forties to be less complex.

I hope you find a huge sundae to devour today. And year is filled with joyous skipping.

Happy 42!


Jun 25 2012
11:10 am
folkscallmejonny writes:

Happy Bidet,Keri.

Jun 25 2012
12:20 pm
Merrill writes:

Another journey around the sun! Yahoo!

Jun 25 2012
2:39 pm
Still wrecking writes:

Happy Birthday! And have a great and memorable year!

Jun 26 2012
12:24 am
Karen writes:

What is the meaning of life? 42, of course. Happy birthday Keri!

Jun 26 2012
7:45 pm
Chris writes:

Happy Birthday!

Jun 26 2012
10:28 pm
Marsha writes:

Congratulations on celebrating another year of excellence!

Jun 27 2012
3:22 am
Menachem writes:

Ah, the Answer! Enjoy. Happy happy. May all the blessings you bring us return to you a thousand-thousand fold!

Jun 27 2012
11:11 am
Bobbi writes:

42-that’s the answer!

Jun 27 2012
11:17 am
furgoner writes:

felicitaciones keri

Jun 27 2012
11:56 am
Paul Cope writes:

Happy Birthday, Keri.

Jun 27 2012
4:23 pm
rie writes:

Congratulations! LIKE Your books..a lot..
:-) Rie, art teacher, CPh DENMARK (soon 40!)

Jun 27 2012
10:10 pm
Kim writes:

Best wishes, and also congratulations on 10 YEARS of blogging!
42 is fab! (Me – 43 as of yesterday)

Jun 28 2012
1:18 am
Lana writes:

Excuse me, where can I find the other drawings, please?

Jun 28 2012
12:03 pm
Lucy Hale writes:

Happy Birthday!!! I love your books!!!!!

Jun 28 2012
3:23 pm
Michelle Y. writes:

Happy Birthday Keri! Wishing you a summer full of adventure!
- from your old OCA papermaking buddy.

Jul 1 2012
9:24 am
laura writes:

Whoop whoop, my mums 42 b’day 2day…..wish her happy birthday!

Jul 5 2012
2:34 pm
Julia writes:

Happy Birthday Keri!

Jul 5 2012
3:23 pm
Monnah writes:

Happy b-day!

Jul 7 2012
6:10 pm
Sofia Brown writes:

I guess it was you’er birthday a few days ago so, happy late birthday!!!i am in love with you’er books and how they make people use thier imagination,talents and minds. truble is i only have two and i finished thoses. I was hoping to get Finish This Book and many others! You have an amazing talent and it is really cool!!! Dont ever stop writing because you are just too good. Thanks again!

Jul 8 2012
2:01 am
Eloisa writes:

Happy Birthday! Or as we would see in the Philippines,
Maligayang Bati!

Jul 11 2012
1:59 am
KYLIE writes:

the answer to life, the universe, and everything else….ask google

Aug 1 2012
9:26 am
Miranda writes:

42….no one will ever no because no one knows the answer to life <3

Aug 2 2012
12:51 pm
Autumn writes:

I really hope you have the best B-Day EVER! My 14th Birthday is coming up in October and I am wishing for all your books! :D Have a GREAT one Keri!

Aug 8 2012
8:41 am
Rebecca Bowen writes:

HAppy birthday! You look way to young to be 42!!! xD

Sep 5 2012
3:17 am
ooda writes:

i like this post. it was a good read.mma

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