March 22nd, 2006
to who wants it

written on the dust jacket of the book “Al Que Quiere!” (to who wants it) by William Carlos Williams…

(typed a bit too quickly. i’m not fixing it.)

Mar 22 2006
3:18 pm
vegasandvenice writes:

I love it!

Mar 22 2006
5:01 pm
jessica writes:

I don’t know if “poiets” was intentional, but if it wasn’t, it’s a GREAT mistake…you know, how stuffy academes call poems “poims”…

Mar 23 2006
12:31 am
marybeth writes:

Well.. i get the point, but im not so sure its the best way to open the world to possible readers.

Mar 23 2006
9:47 am
herhimnbryn writes:

Well, That’s giving the proverbial ‘finger’ to all us ‘gentle readers’ isn’t it!
It has bought a smile to my face. Thanks for posting it.

Mar 23 2006
11:14 am
birds writes:
Winter Song by Gabe Brown. Check out the birds. Cool, huh? :)

Mar 23 2006
12:36 pm
happy little atom writes:

ooooh, doesn’t that just make you want to TEAR into it? Thanks, I will look for it today and gobble it immediately!

Mar 23 2006
1:26 pm
patricia writes:

he was one cool cat — i loved the bio i read of him written back in the 30′s…

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