August 5th, 2008
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to the ghost of Italo Calvino

It’s me again.
I know we’ve had our little episodes in the past. Thank you for them. I know at times you’ve frustrated me a bit, but I’m willing to let go of all that because you keep me on my toes. Let me just say that I know you like to mess from people because after a wrote about you several people wrote me and told me that you messed with them too.
But I think it’s great. Really I do. I like that you are keeping us on our toes and opening us up to things that we all would rather not pay attention to. Like the fact that books have a life beyond the author, and that they are in many ways animate things. I’ve always believed that, you don’t need to convince me any further.
But I digress. I am calling on you for another reason entirely. You see I’m working on a new book. It’s something that I think you would really like. Scratch the “think”. I know. And I would like you to come and help me with it. I don’t need you to write it for me, just lend me some of your spirit. That would be perfect. I’m willing to put up with any shenanigans that you would need to inflict on me, (including hiding my books and moving things around a bit.) I don’t mind one bit.
And if you could contact Bruno Munari while you’re at it, maybe he could come and help too. Together we can all make something really great.
That’s all for now.
hope to hear from you soon,
creatively yours,
keri smith
p.s. I miss you.

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