April 10th, 2007
this made me smile

While working on the site for Wreck this Journal i noticed an incoming link from the blog for the Leo Burnett Advertising Agency in Toronto called “the fruits of imagination”. When I clicked on it I found this post. (you must go read it so you will understand my response.)
and as you may have already seen, I posted the following response:
ha ha! oh the great irony to all of this jason is that many years ago when i was a fledgling illustrator i packed up my tidy little portfolio and made a trip to the leo burnett agency in hopes of finding some work. i do not recall who looked at my portfolio (it’s possible it was a drop off), but no work ensued.
one might consider this a great gift because in due time i was to learn that i had no interest in pursuing advertising work (in fact i have turned away from the medium entirely), but instead I would eventually focus my energy on writing books, thus illustrating and devloping my own ideas. maybe I should thank leo burnett in part for my current success.
i am greatly flattered and humbled that you look to my work for inspiration. (and also to be positioned beside miranda july, someone i greatly admire.)
thank you for the post.

This just proves that sometimes (always) the universe knows better than you do.
Thank you Leo Burnett. Rejection is not always the terrible thing it appears to be when you are in it. Sometimes it is a great gift, you just have to wait to see what form it might possibly take later.

Apr 10 2007
8:58 pm
Jennifer Jeffrey writes:

You’re so right… so many times, over the years, I’ve been disheartened when people didn’t call me back or hire me for a project, but when I honestly look back – not being hired for whatever kept me open to what I was supposed to do.
I’m in one of those places right now – not getting a project I hoped for, and therefore being free as a bird to finish the other thing that I know in my heart I must complete.
It’s all good. Very, very good.

Apr 10 2007
10:02 pm
Kat writes:

i like what mike dooley said on the unexpected (especially the crappy kind of surprises)
“whenever the unexpected lands in our path, it is a stepping stone in a journey to a place that we have been thinking of.”
thanks for sharing, keri. you continue to inspire. :-)))

Apr 10 2007
10:23 pm
Dargie writes:

I think it’s akin to some of the discoveries being made in your How to Wreck a Journal group. That the least-considered is often the most fruitful, and that there are no failures, just lessons in how to let go of our expectations of what success should be.

Apr 11 2007
1:14 am
Rachel writes:

oh this is beautifual and how_it_should_be.
I hope that one day I have a similar story to share.

Apr 11 2007
2:53 am
bek writes:

Makes me think of the lyric from Chili Peppers Tell Me Baby- “Some dreams were meant to be declined”
sometime the best things in life arent necessarily the things you would choose for yourself, because better things are destined for you…

Apr 11 2007
9:36 am
patricia writes:

That’s a great story. And so true! I’ve experienced some disappointing rejections in the past, but when I think about it now, I’m grateful for that experience, because nine times out of ten, it was an area of illustration, cartooning or design that I really didn’t want to pursue in the long run. It’s all part of a ‘big learning plan’ that takes time for us to figure it out.

Apr 11 2007
11:56 am
Jennifer (she said) writes:

I always like to read about the universe & our experiences with timing. And thank you for the link – I had no idea that Miranda July was publishing a book. That was a nice surprise :-)

Apr 11 2007
12:26 pm
Marilyn writes:

Ah, the irony. :) I had just come across Miranda July’s website for her new book yesterday and it seemed appropriately goofy and creative, as she always is. (And I mean goofy in the best sense.) I remember when she lived in Portland during my years there…I wish now I’d paid more attention to her work then. You might like this post at Evelyn Rodriguez’s blog…it’s sort of about this very thing…how sometimes we have ideas of what we think we want to do…yet they don’t work out because they’re really not right for us…

Apr 11 2007
5:46 pm
Sabine writes:

Hehe. So now your book is basically being “advertised” on an advertising agency’s blog. That is rather… ironic.

Apr 11 2007
5:51 pm
Kim writes:

That is so so true.

Apr 11 2007
7:03 pm
paintergirl writes:

Oh man-weren’t you just gobsmacked by this. (I have to say gobsmacked whenever I get the chance)
Yay for you and I can’t wait for Wreck and July’s book to come out.
Please please please do my 3 questions!!

Apr 12 2007
11:57 am
eb writes:

I loved this – the wish jar takes me on the most unexpected and juicy travels – in one of those restful (which worries me sometimes) in between places – this is most nutricious
xox – eb.

Apr 17 2007
12:35 pm
Nina Klausen writes:

Oh this is too funny! You know I worked a short stint at Leo Burnett here in Norway. I got hired as an ad-assistant, my first “real” job in the business way back in 96. I even left my internship at a design studio to go work for them. It was a total disaster, after only a week I was absolutely miserable but I dared not say so because everybody kept telling me that they had given me such a big opportunity by hiring me.
By the end of my trial period (6 dreadful months) the boss called me into his office at the end of the day to give me his review. He asked me how I liked it there and I lied and said “fine” and then he went on to tell me that they did not think I was the right fit for their company.
I was so relieved and finally admitted that I did not like my job at all. In fact his news about them not wanting to keep me on made me so happy and beaming that he somewhat befuddled told me that “I should try to show more of that side of my personality in my next job”.
To this day I am so glad that I got fired – I was to young and green to dare to quit myself and who knows how many years I might have stayed on a job I absolutely hated.

Apr 19 2007
2:26 pm
meg writes:

Funny – I posted about Miranda July and Keri Smith in the same entry as well :)
You are both top notch.

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