September 10th, 2009
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this is not a book giveaway

I had a good friend who sadly passed away a few years ago named Peter Wayne. I think of him often, wishing I could go for lunch with him and talk about books. He was a kind and generous soul, a bit pompous, in the older generation brit style. He had a wonderful knack for speaking his mind in a way that was so incredibly honest yet tactful. I both admired and feared this ability, as he would do it on a regular basis in restaurants. The waitress would walk over to you to ask “how is your soup?” and Peter would reply, “I think it’s a little tired“, the word tired would be whispered slightly. But in truth the soup was a little tired, but I would never have the courage to say so, instead just wolfing down my food in silence and telling the waitress that everything is great! with emphasis on the word great.
I mention this as a segue. I enjoy remembering my friend, but I wanted to say I am not really a fan of ‘book giveaways’ because they seem a little, well, tired. The format I mean. You know the standard “write about why I should give you a book”, “add a comment” etc. So I would like you to write me with your idea of what I should do for an interesting giveaway activity. Something different. Something in line with the concept of “this is not a book”. Something weird. I will send out books to the best five ideas. Then I will implement one of them and give away some more books. Does that make sense?
so write me with your ideas.
I will also donate 30 copies to one class (a few more if necessary). for this one I ask all teachers to write me and tell me a bit about your students. I hope to be doing more and more of this in the coming years. Last year almost 200 copies of “wreck this journal” were donated to classes.

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