July 30th, 2013
This is a crazy story!

I received this note from a woman from Germany. She found a page from Wreck this Journal at the bottom of the ocean! (how appropriate that this comes on the eve of National Scavenger Hunt Month!)

“Found this on the bottom of the sea next to the croatian island Korčula:

(see photo above)

We were very amused and I finally recognized that this is one of the glorious pages out of the journal I bought a few years ago and nearly forgot.

I looked for it when I was back home and actually now I am very exited to got on wrecking it!

Thank you for your creation and for making our snorkeling adventure even more funny.

Best regards from Germany! :-)”

Jul 30 2013
5:43 pm
Cara writes:

Woah, amazing discovery! I bet she fills up HER Wreck this Journal after all that. :)

Jul 30 2013
9:12 pm
michelle writes:

Thats soo cool! I can’t wait to have fun with your pocket scavenger hunt, I remember doing them at birthday parties, where we would roam the neighborhoods looking for blue toilet paper & bingo markers :) Michelle

Aug 3 2013
12:42 pm
Marloes writes:

So cool!

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