November 10th, 2009
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this blog is orange

drinking cold green tea. my family has caught a cold (not of the swine flu variety thank god). as I come out of the fog I have so many ideas for projects. It’s like the excess snot leaving my body cleared a pathway for ideas to flow out. How serendipitous. not had much time to write lately as I am hard at work on a new book, (still in top secret mode).
I have been very moved by the responses to “this is not a book” lately. Yesterday I received in the mail a completed copy from an anonymous user. It is incredibly beautiful to read what someone has done with it. Kind of like receiving a book that someone else had written in it’s entirety, full of poetry and thoughts, and artwork. It is really a journal that had bits glued into it, things you could pull out and unfold, letters, even a couple of pop-ups (a lot like Griffin and Sabine). There were many personal bits, I hadn’t realized how much more personal this one is than “wreck”, but there is a lot more sharing involved. I couldn’t help but think that this person must have been more than a bit sad to let it go, (and truthfully I would send it back to her but there is no return address). And yet what a beautiful gift in the form of a mystery. And so I put together the little bits and pieces like a puzzle, all the while knowing that is the beauty of it. The not knowing.
Some nice things to share,
Not a Book made a bestseller list in Chicago.
For X-mas I am giving people the totes I did for Social Designer, proceeds go to Global Green. (I do not receive royalties for this, just for good karma. I had to buy them myself.)
I quite enjoyed the film Man on Wire this week.
Not a Book was picked up by a German publisher this week. More info to come.
love this online exhibition from the moma, color chart

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