September 17th, 2005
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things that crack you wide open

Some days it feels as though there is too little to write about, other days too much. Today is more of the latter and time is dwindling down. and so I start…
…my beloved cat Doobie passed away, a ripe old age of 17 years. He was healthy and happy right up until the very end and went as peacefully as one can. I will miss his loud purring, kissing and rubbing my face on the top of his fuzzy head, the smell of his fur (it was sweet and cuddly), napping with him.
…almost a year ago now my husband and his friend Mike started dancing on street corners. What started out as a joke, quickly became a life changing and inspiring exercise in ‘letting go’ and being in the moment. They filmed the entire process which resulted in Mike putting together a short film entitled, “the winter of the dance”. a few short weeks ago we were notified that it was accepted into the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films. In a mad rush we have had to assemble promotional materials, postcards, website and posters for the event (which starts on Tuesday). The most interesting part of the story perhaps is that we have no idea what we are doing never having done this before. We are unaware of any of the rules, protocol, concepts relating to a film festival of this size and so we fly by the seat of our pants. You can read an article published in the Sacremento News and Review about the project here.
…a few days ago I had my first experience dancing in public (though admittedly it was after dinner so there were few bystanders to my relief) and found it to be amazingly freeing and life affirming. The process is simple, cd/mp3 player, great music & some headphones, move your body intuitively to the sound. As a life long dancer I find this method of dancing (free form) to be the one that gets us closest to experiencing the ‘joy of existence’ directly. I found myself laughing and jumping and running. Something that must be experienced to be understood (otherwise it just sounds like the dancer is insane, which is actually the point of the film, why is it that when one dances in public they are considered ‘strange’ or unbalanced?). I think my husband and Mike have caught on to something that has the potential to change the world. A revolution of dance. We will be dancing in public for the festival. Stay tuned.

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