August 2nd, 2010
The Winter of the Beard

This has been a bit of a long time in coming, you may remember the short film The Winter of the Dance which was a short film done by my husband Jeff Pitcher and Mike Schwartz that received critical acclaim and was featured at several film festival including Palm Springs, Sonoma Valley, Nashville and Anne Arbour. Not to mention it developed a bit of a cult following online after it was featured on Current TV (many of my readers went crazy for it, because you wrote me about it.)

Well I have some great news…their next film is finally complete! This one will make you laugh, cry, be shocked and remind you what is important in your life! (I will boast that yours truly did shoot a couple of scenes, namely my husband riding a bike, (a total of a few seconds of my work made it into the final cut). So I got to fulfill a tiny dream to film something (I’m not the greatest at it but I try). Yes the cover is by me too. I should also mention that luckily our finances of improved greatly since the shooting, the trailer talks about how we were broke at the time, this was before “Wreck this Journal” came out.)

Here is the synopsis:

The Winter of the Beard (99 Minutes)

In the fall of 2005, two filmmakers invited six men across America to join them in an experiment. They would stop shaving for six months. No trimming allowed. Each was provided a video camera and weekly interview questions to document his own experience. The resulting 600 hours of intimate footage revealed a group of men traversing the same rite of passage from disparate vantage points. Throughout the process, the men told stories from their pasts, shared likes and dislikes, and confessed personal fears and aspirations. They laughed and cried, hid and came alive behind their beards. The tireless taping captured bad days and good ones, and it is in this framework that the individual stories stand out and the beards fade into the background. From a son dealing with his father’s descent into Alzheimer’s, to financial and marital struggles, to the birth of a child, THE WINTER OF THE BEARD reveals the trials and tribulations of what it means to drastically alter one’s appearance and otherwise go on living life.

watch the trailer

purchase it here, (only $15 shipping included.) We are trying to figure out a way so you can purchase a download, but for the time being we only have a hardcopy.

These men and their families are all very close to my heart. I think you will fall in love with them too.

Aug 3 2010
5:42 am
Amelia writes:

this looks intriguing can’t wait to see it. A friend showed me a book yesterday called ‘The Money-Less Man: A Year of Free Economic Living’ – it’s a social experiment. These types of things excite me greatly, and I want to do one of my own although growing a beard might not be possible! ;) I’ll keep thinking.

Love the illustration :)


Aug 3 2010
8:32 am
em writes:

I have never watched ‘Winter of the Dance’ before but I absolutely loved it. I have just spent a week with small children building dams in streams and sandcastles on beaches and I haven’t been so happy for ages. This film reminded me of that – the need to do things that grown ups aren’t supposed to do. I look forward very much to seeing what gems I can learn from ‘Winter of the Beard.’

Aug 3 2010
4:00 pm
Helen writes:

Great to see this come to fruition! I’ll be ordering my copy and Jake and I will raise a glass to these guys when we watch it. Hello Canada!!!

Aug 4 2010
8:49 pm
Anna writes:

LOVE the trailer & can’t wait to watch the documentary!
(How much would shipping to Europe be?)

Aug 5 2010
8:42 pm
Mati writes:

Both of these film concepts are really so inspiring! I can’t grow a beard, but feel like getting my groove on in the streets now :)

Aug 14 2010
3:41 am
Will writes:

Got my copy in the mail the other day. I had been waiting patiently for the DVD release for months since I stumbled on the trailer. It was everything I had hoped it would be. Truly remarkable. Also, I LOVE the cover, so grats on that. You should really do a shirt featuring the cover art and title. There are so many press on demand sites today that you wouldn’t even have any overhead or extra work involved. I would buy one at any rate.

Aug 14 2010
7:01 pm
pixie writes:

YAY!!!!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on this!

Aug 16 2010
3:09 pm
Lisa writes:

Just watched “Winter of the Dance.” So proud to be 1/2 Canadian. Look forward to checking out the new one!

Aug 17 2010
1:10 am
Christine writes:

My husband and I just finished watching it….and loved it! I’ll be mulling it over for the next few days – and probably watching it again before I blog about it.

What a job going through 600 hours of film though. I wish I could say that I couldn’t imagine what that was like, but, unfortunately, I can. Although, I couldn’t do anything cool like make a movie people would watch with all the footage I had to go through (boring dissertation work).

They really did a great job and picked some terrific guys to participate in the project. I love the cover too! I hope it does well!

Oct 2 2011
4:17 pm
Joakim writes:

How do one get a hold of a copy of The Winter of the Beard? I WANT ONE!

Mar 19 2012
11:14 pm
Ben writes:

I want to get a hard copy of this film, how do I get one?

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