January 23rd, 2016
The wander society

Feb 2 2016
3:41 pm
Kim June Johnson writes:

Ooh. So intriguing!

Feb 23 2016
7:55 pm
Naty writes:

wow, me encanto!!!, m.. ilove this!!!, is geneial a society secret, i want reed this book
p.s.d: sorry but my inglish is horrible

Mar 30 2016
8:29 pm
N.I.C writes:

This wander society is very mysterious. I went to the wander society website it was quite interesting.

Apr 22 2016
6:02 pm
Caroline Wickham writes:

- Yes!

Apr 22 2016
8:43 pm
Caroline Wickham writes:

~ along with Peace Pilgrim and Virginia Woolf

May 5 2016
3:50 pm
John Doe writes:

I choose to right this anonymously for reasons that will be evident if you are a member. The Wander Society is something I have only begun to truly understand, but I do know that the message is of great importance for us as individuals and the world we live in. Every time I wander I begin to understand more and more.

I’m grateful to have discovered TWS and am eager to continue to wander and learn more about myself and the world around me.

Solvitur ambulando

Oct 31 2016
8:29 pm
Patricia writes:

Who is Alice P. Hobbs?

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