January 27th, 2004
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the other side

Sitting down to write or draw is like starting out on a strange little adventure. You start at one place, put down some words or a few lines and after a while you usually end up someplace completely different. Most times when I site to write I don’t have the feeling of having anything to say, and then I go off on a few random tangents, (an anecdote about my day, relate a quote) and find that there was something in there that really wanted to come out. An opinion, a peeve, a fear. See, a quote just came into my head on this very thing, let me see if I can find it in the journal…oh yes,
“I never know what I think about something until I read what I’ve written on it.” -William Faulkner
That one has the effect of turning up the corner of your mouth.
I might have mentioned this one before, I read somewhere that if you want to want to write about something, an object say, start at the other side of the room and slowly make your way over to it. I like that. It has a nice wandering feel to it, no pressure, just taking in a few sights along the way. Where you will end up, no one can say.
Since the handbag theme was such a hit I thought you might also like the shoe project. (link via my dad)

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