August 23rd, 2007
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the non-planner datebook

It’s here! The new project I mentioned earlier from Little Otsu.
now I know what you’re thinking, “what do you mean a non-planner datebook? isn’t that a contradiction in terms?”
in a word…yes. and it’s been something that I grappled with the whole time I was working on it. but, dear reader, if you will bear with me for a moment I will explain.
it had occurred to me that at times all of my planning and life controlling and goal setting and to do list making was making me a bit crazy. you see, i seem to be the kind of person who is simultaneously an over achiever (read: controlling) and also one of the laziest humans you have ever met, (I know some of you will find this hard to believe but you can ask those who are close to me, it is entirely true.) I flit between the extremes of these two things constantly. yet somehow it all gets done. but let me get to the point…
all the planning and controlling and “trying to make things happen” was not what made things happen. Instead when I look back, all of the really exciting and important things happened when I put stuff out into the world because it felt good (and because I was drawn to do so), and then, LET IT ALL HAPPEN ON IT’S OWN, (whatever that meant).
So the non-planner datebook is a project that gives you permission to not freak out about everything and not try to control the shit out of it. to document thoughts and ideas and experiences as they happen. to partake in the unknown and absurdity in equal measures. to not take yourself or your life so seriously. and most of all to have fun!
yes, it’s partly a journal, but it has monthly pages too (you put in the dates, calendar page included), and some crazy pages too like day of wandering (or wondering if you prefer), day of indecision, the semi-blank page for you to customize, page for epiphanies, and the lucky elephant page (which I’ll keep a mystery for now).
are you still with me?

i’m very happy with how it turned out and I hope you will have some fun with it too. you can get it from Little Otsu. only $16 and it’s printed on recycled paper using soy based inks! They are the coolest company ever, but I’m sure you know that already.
and some links for you:
a really nice review of the guerilla art kit in Tokion Magazine, scroll down a bit.
Rebar is having another Park(ing) day and it’s happening on September 21st in cities all over the place. Go read about it! It’s one of the best projects going.
so now the weeping camel is one of my favourite movies ever! I want to live in an yurt and practice buddhism for the rest of my life.
also, a new podcast I did with Stephanie of cool people I know which we did at the Blogher conference. (i recall being really tired for this, read: pregnancy exhaustion, and that we hit on some heavy topics, death, etc. So I hope it is good. sometimes tired makes for interesting thoughts that you don’t expect.)

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