November 17th, 2005
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the impact of the journal on the greater scheme

“Making things complicated is easy. Achieving simplicity is tough.” ~Bruno Munari
I am giving a talk today for a design class at UC Davis. I always love speaking to a class, to interact more with individuals (as opposed to a large group). My talks have changed a bit over time. I feel as though I am shifting into something ‘bigger’ myself. I am less interested in speaking about my work and more interested in the development of ideas. As mentioned in the title today I think I will focus on the impact of the journal on the greater scheme. How the small details of life can be worked into design. I put together a pdf format of the 100 ideas, to aid the journal work.
100 ideas pdf (the pieces are to be cut out and picked randomly.)
I bought the book Bright Minds, Beautiful Ideas and find myself eating it up like a good piece of fruit. So great. One of my favourite photos is of Rae Eames on the floor of a gallery on all fours apparently seeking out a different perspective on a piece. I smile everytime I look at it as I like to do this myself. I also find it nearly impossible not to touch a piece of art (the pull is overwhelming), and will always try when I feel no one is looking. I wish all art was interactive in this way. While I am sympathetic to the fact that human oils deteriorate things, if a painting or a sculpture begs one to touch it, isn’t that to goal of art in some way? To entice, or to seduce? I like that feeling of wanting to be immersed in something more fully.
While viewing Monet’s water lilies at the Moma, I had to fight the urge to eat the large violet and blue chunks of paint. I smiled when I learned recently that Marti Guixe created an edible installation, (the “paper” pieces on the wall were actually the hors doeuvres). i love art that has that element of surprise.

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