February 3rd, 2012
the hidden

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The Utopian founders were seers; they understood the hidden but pre-established language of the world; they had no need to create a second language, it was enough to be receptive to the language that was.

-Carlos Fuentes, from the introduction to 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Modern Library edition)

“Magician” was used to describe anyone who possessed any kind of occult knowledge, by occult I mean “hidden”, unknown to the common people. Thanks to such hidden knowledge the magician can make extraordinary things happen. The spirit of magic is about cracking nature’s secret codes. In order to use them for the benefit of the largest number of people.

-Ferdinando Buscema, from his insightful Tedtalk.

Feb 3 2012
3:03 pm
LilaLena writes:

Oh, that just sent shivers down my spine. Thanks a lot for sharing those thoughts. :)

Feb 7 2012
4:49 pm
rachael maddox writes:

perfect. perfect. perfect.

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