October 30th, 2004
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the hell you ride

the universe has such amazing ways of sending a little help when you most need it.
the drive to telluride was spectacular. jaw dropping. i have seen views and mountain ranges that overwhelmed me in the best of ways. cameras do not do it justice. not even close. rock faces that humble you and make you feel like a little bug on the landscape.
telluride is a ski village filled with tiny little victorian houses of my favourite kind. small, with tons of character and colour. I would move here in a second if they didn’t sell for around a million each.
as we were walking around last night trying to find the perfect place to eat (there is a lot to choose from), we met Clay & Jenny who most generously (and quickly) offered us some office space to sleep in. I nearly jumped for joy at the thought of not sleeping in the below zero temperatures. I have recently contracted a cold and did not want to make it any worse than need be. needless to say i was warm and dry. we had yummy chinese food for dinner and then to a pub for a beer.
i am always incredibly moved when complete strangers offer you such gifts. it reminds me that i too that wish give back in a similar way in the near future.
i want to write so much more but my head is foggy from the cold and i have some drawing to do for the job i am working on.
but before i go i must mention this cafe i am currently writing from. the coffee cowboy is a internet cafe/store that sells all enviromentally friendly products, books on social issues, free internet, community talk sessions, etc. All presented in a very sophisticated and comfortable way. I love it. If i were to open a cafe it would be just like this. they are starting a new website which is not yet finished, the restoration station.com. (they describe their mission as exploring ideas, engaging people, and promoting products to restore our world.) I found so many great quotes here, my favourite you may already have heard…
“Well behaved women rarely make history.” -Laurel Thatcher Birch
may you think about that as you go about your day and maybe a little mis-behavior will ensue.
to colorado and beyond…

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