November 13th, 2007
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the ghost of italo calvino is messing with my head

those of you who have read “If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler” by Italo Calvino will appreciate this incredible irony…
Having a mere three chapters to go in his most gripping story, I have lost the book.
A fact which I think mr. calvino would have thought a perfect end to his absurdist novel.
I am now most certainly ‘the reader’.
how frustrating. how wretched. I cannot bear it. where on earth could it have gone? I have not left my house since yesterday afternoon, and I read it before bed last night. I am sure of it. I have looked everywhere.
I now appeal to the ghost of Italo to please return the book. now would be best as I am not able to go on with daily activities until i know how it ends (read it for myself). I know this is a funny joke, and in fact “the point” of your book, but in all honesty I get it. I really do.
i simply cannot believe this happened with this book. a book actually about a reader who loses, misplaces, and is unable to find the ending to the books he/she starts.
i think there is some kind of curse on the book and all copies at some point are “lost”. maybe it is some kind of built in self destructive mechanism that the author designed himself.
I hope this will serve as a lesson to you out there reading this that a) you should read Calvino because he is one of the most brilliant writers I have ever read and more powerful than I first thought, (but don’t tell me the ending because I want to read it myself), and b) guard your copy at all costs, never take your eyes off of it, carry it with you at all times, watch out for people following you or eyeing your copy in a suspicious manner. (all of this is mentioned in the book as a distinct possibility and I wouldn’t have believed it myself except that the fiction is now a reality.)
now my only question is, if i find the book again, will it be the same novel or will it have changed in it’s absence? will i ever be sure that I read the right one? what if this happens to everyone that reads it as is mentioned in the book?
to be continued…
(no i am not making this up)

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