September 14th, 2009
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The first winner is….

You really have no idea how challenging it was to select a winner. I did not know how swamped with great ideas I would be. There were some ideas that were quite popular (random acts of kindness, treasure/scavenger hunt, pass it on), so I steered away from these as I would be giving away 10 copies to all the winners.
In terms of great ideas I think there was one person who stood out from all the others, (and maybe reflected my own ideas best, read: kinda weird). Because she had so MANY good ideas, I have decided that I am going to a weekly challenge for five weeks. That means you will have five chances to win a copy!
so without further ado….the winner is Julie Hendricksen!!!
Your first challenge is: Create a unique carrying case for “this is not a book”.
Send photos via email, or post them on the flickr group. Keep in mind that I will be posting some of the photos here, so don’t send them if you don’t want people to see them.
I am still in the process of sorting through the class submissions (it’s killing me that I can’t send them to every single teacher that wrote). But check back later this week.

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