September 20th, 2005
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the dance

this morning we dance our butts off on a streetcorner. it was fantastic. better than fantastic. only the first two minutes were intimidating, after that…
a two year old boy started dancing with me and stole my heart. we jumped and spun together.
Jeff and Mike have done two interviews for radio and tv, we seem to be causing a bit of a stir here, (it is quite small so causing a stir is not that difficult, people are coming up to us on the street and asking if we are the dancing people).
such a simple thing this is. to go out and dance. an old man gives us the thumbs up, another tells Mike it’s the best thing he’s seen in years. people in offices on the second floor stand watching in a line, I bekon for them to join me. I think they want to.
all this is welcome as we slept in a parking lot last night (in tents) during a fierce thunderstorm, (the only one in palm springs at this time of year in years). today a very sweet man working for the festival offered us his condo.
I am really looking forward to a bed and a shower. yessir.
more to come…

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