March 11th, 2004
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thanks dave

My Dad’s friend Dave gave me an old chair that he had in his family for years. It is the most vibrant and stunning shade of red, (I want to eat the paint), and I needed to draw it the minute I saw it. And while it has a few technical issues, cracks, scuffs, and wobbles, this chair has a story. Judging by it’s condition it was well used and loved. I picture small children climbing up on it to make cookie dough, or maybe it sat in a corner until a neighbor popped in for tea. How many christmas parties has it seen? Was it ever used to make a blanket fort? Maybe someone of less than average height used it to reach a distant top shelf? How many secrets were shared in confidence in it’s presence? How many laughs did it hear, how many tears? Such a range of experiences to go through in one lifetime.
‘Welcome and entertain them all!” -rumi

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